I am convinced at this point that this experiment has taken on a life on its own, and in some ways, it has become more about documenting the journey than doing or not doing anything specific. It’s as if the Universe has been bringing everything to me, and I get to respond.

Love has been showing up. And a shift in perspective, from yesterday, means I get to notice all the ways love is already here.

Here’s what else showed up for me today:

2 Steps Forward…

I had a good day yesterday. It wasn’t all smooth going, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s one of the better days I’ve had in a while.

Alas, I ended up waking up in the middle of the night feeling a little out of sorts.

I prayed for mischievous and malicious spirits to leave, as I felt led by the spirit. Fear eventually left and was replaced by a sense of calm and peace in the pit of my stomach.

Don’t ask me how the spirit realm works. I just know that it does.

Getting back to sleep didn’t pan out but either way, today still turned out to be a good day. Not all smooth going, but productive.


I’ve noticed more and more that he likes to hang out wherever I am in the house.

It could be that he’s a little less depressed in the absence of his owners. It could also be that it’s taken me a while to notice his tendencies.

Either way, he’s a wonderful, healing companion to have around.

Social Situations

I’ve got two outings lined up for the weekend – one for tomorrow, and one for Sunday.

Tomorrow’s gathering will be the equivalent of a house party, so I think I should be okay.

The Sunday outing could be a different story, as it will be at the playhouse. It sounds like it should be a fun event, though, and if I do need to back out, I’ll only be out $30.

While I have been taking baby steps, I haven’t exactly been feeling like coming out of the cave. But I know I need to emerge eventually, and the Sunday outing could be connected to opportunity.

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