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While I was busy sorting out my next steps for Music Entrepreneur HQ, I was also a busy bee publishing right here on my personal blog.

I felt that, until I had a solid plan for how to move forward with Music Entrepreneur HQ strategically, I didn’t want to publish ANYTHING that might be remotely off-base.

I felt a greater sense of responsibility since I started publishing EVERY DAY at the end of July (and, by the way, the posts have been spread out across Medium, Music Entrepreneur HQ, and my personal blog, which you’re looking at right now).

Now that I’m surer about myself and my strategic direction, I’ve started publishing more aggressively on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

But I may, from time to time, as I’m doing today, publish some of my thoughts here. Thoughts that may have some merit but would be “off-topic” on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Providentially, I’ve also had some interesting discoveries publishing here, and that’s what I would like to share now.

Call to Actions Still Work

The main call to action on this site is to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

While publishing more aggressively here on DavidAndrewWiebe.com, I’ve seen my subscriber count go up, even though I’m not generating massive traffic.

Simple is Indeed Better

The layout of this site is simple and that has worked in my favor.

People that come to this site tend to check out more than one article because they see compelling looking titles in the sidebar and at the bottom of posts.

Also, I haven’t added any custom elements to the theme, something I did with Music Entrepreneur HQ. Unfortunately, this resulted in a bunch of SEO errors I now have to fix at the HQ. Despite the HUGE discrepancy in traffic, sometimes it feels like I’m driving more qualified traffic here than on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

I’m going to take these findings and apply them to Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Publishing Regularly does Increase Traffic

Not to say I had any doubt. But if I kept publishing here for a full year, I’m sure I could get to a minimum of 200 highly targeted and engaged visits per day.

And for my money, with all the podcasting I’ve done and videos I’ve uploaded, I’ve got to say the greatest driver of qualified traffic is STILL blog posts.

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