The Renegade Musician Issue #1 is Coming Soon…

by | Mar 2, 2021 | News

Over the years, people have asked me:

“David, why don’t you have a magazine?”

“You’re such a good writer, do you have a magazine?”

“Why do I feel like you should have a magazine…?”

Well, their wish (and my wish) is about to come true.

Over the weekend, I put together the March issue of what I’m dubbing The Renegade Musician.

Why The Renegade Musician?

It’s no secret that I’m a contrarian, outside the box, independent thinker. I question everything.

And it’s also no secret that I attract people who tend to question everything themselves.

Well, a renegade is someone who betrays a set of principles.

And, in this case, the set of principles we’re betraying is the idea that you can’t create the life you want through music.

All the experts say you’ve got to make more money, market, publish, copyright, brand… Yet none of these things solve your problems as a musician.

The reason we all get into music is for the music itself. It’s also the reason we stay in it.

So, this digital magazine is for every musician who are looking to create the life they were born to have through music.

What Can I Expect on the Inside?

This Renegade Musician is jammed to the rafters with high-level thinking to help you impact more fans and earn more from your passion.

Of course, it also comes with:

  • Articles
  • Quick tips
  • New opportunities
  • Recommended tools and resources
  • The latest news from Music Entrepreneur HQ

Final Thoughts

Will this evolve into something more? That all depends on the response.

Either way, I’m excited to be sharing the first issue with you.

It’s coming your way soon, so keep an eye open for it.