The Question Podcast Has Been Added to the Archives

by | Jan 24, 2023 | News

In my ongoing efforts to simplify and bring my content under fewer umbrellas, I’m excited to announce the addition of all 29 episodes of The Question Podcast to my blog archives today.

I’m not looking to steal any thunder from The Question website, which will remain online indefinitely. Ostensibly completing in July 2018, the podcast (blast from the not-so-distant past), had a multi-year run, beginning October 2015. It was even available for download on iTunes while it was active.

The community began as a TEDx Talks style grassroots initiative exploring the nature of truth. Our bold community leader, Frederick Tamagi, was the primary presenter at most monthly gatherings, but I also gave a few presentations and was even onsite tech / host of the podcast. We also had performances via local poets and musicians at each gathering.

As I recall, not all presentations were ultimately turned into podcast episodes (I oversaw the initiative in my limited spare time with two helpers), but almost everything was captured and uploaded to The Question YouTube channel.

Next Steps:

It’s times like these I’m grateful for WordPress’ import / export function, because without it, adding just five episodes to the blog would prove a lengthy and tedious process.

So far as boring technical details are concerned, though, I still plan to:

  • Add a featured image to each post.
  • Add a canonical link to each post.
  • Revise the introduction and content for each episode.
  • Add a transcription for each episode.

A Complete List of Episodes:

If you’d like to delve into one of the lesser known shows I was a part of, here’s a complete list of episodes for your perusal. You can also find everything under The Question Podcast.