About The New Music Industry

Independent musicians can waste years, even decades trying to figure out how to make it in the music industry. It can be hard enough trying to determine how to get started never mind tackling an endless to-do list made up of writing, recording, touring, marketing and more. And, heartbreakingly, many musicians will find themselves having to build their empires from scratch, all by their lonesome, without the guidance they require.

The New Music Industry offers clear and easily applicable insights into today’s music business. With bestselling author and musician David Andrew Wiebe as their personal guide, the reader will learn how to position their music in today’s noisy world to get it the attention it deserves and utilize every available marketing channel to build and monetize their fan base.

At the end of the book, the reader will no longer be scratching their head wondering how to get started let alone how they can leverage the power of the internet to build their careers. They will transform into fully empowered, music marketing machines.

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About the Author

David Andrew Wiebe is the four-time self-published bestselling author of The New Music Industry and The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship. He is the founder & CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ and staff writer of Music Industry How To. He has been podcasting about the music business for over 10 years. Music Revolt CEO & founder Scott Kirby called him the “king of internet music marketing.” Wiebe travels the world as he writes, makes music and eats delicious food.

“David has his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a musician in this day and age.”

Corey Koehler,

“David Andrew Wiebe is the king of internet music marketing and, most importantly, social networking platforms.”

Scott Kirby,
Music Revolt

“From the basics of blogging, bio writing, social media, and podcasting to music promotion, David covers a wide range of steps to help you start scaling your individual mountain.”

James Moore,
Independent Music Promotions