The Music Entrepreneur HQ PDF Vault

by | Mar 4, 2022 | News

The seeds of Music Entrepreneur HQ were in a humble podcast I started in 2009, aptly named the David Andrew Wiebe Podcast.

As the podcast transformed from a promotional tool into an educational hub for independent musicians, we ended up creating many resources for musicians. And one thing that ultimately made Music Entrepreneur HQ a go-to destination for our audience was the free PDFs – eBooks, cheat sheets, transcripts, and other bonuses we generously gave away (in exchange for an email address, of course – but we deliver plenty of value to our subscribers too).

These downloads, though, were mostly loaded up in Leadpages (and in some ways, that meant we didn’t have complete control over our resources and their organization). We still think it’s a great tool and recommend it highly, though we stopped using it a few months ago. We knew that abandoning this tool would mean turning many active links on your website into broken ones, and we’d need to go in and changes these one by one, by hand. Despite this, our gut said take a chance. Much to our surprise, this ended up being a blessing rather than a curse.

Because, as you may well know, we have been more heavily invested in utilizing 10XPro for our books, courses, and coaching programs in the last couple of years. And while I was on a drive the other week, I suddenly realized that we could be using our platform at Content Marketing Musician to host all our PDF files. Not just that but I started to see that we could put them all into a singular vault, so that when you sign up to receive a specific download, you don’t just get access to one – you get access to all of them!

And so, the project is already underway, and as of today you can sign up for access to the brand-new PDF Vault. We are adding new files daily and will have a complete archive in the coming weeks, as we continue to build it out.

So, whether you want to read about how to get more listeners on Spotify, increase your YouTube subscriber base, or read complete transcripts of past podcast episodes, I have no doubt you’ll love this new resource. Sign up for the Music Entrepreneur HQ PDF Vault now.

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