The Music Entrepreneur Code: The Origin Story

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

All my writing projects begin with a curiosity and a question.

When I started working on The Music Entrepreneur Code, I was curious whether I could put together a book that was self-contained, while linking out to a ton of helpful resources for anyone who needed to go a little deeper on any one principle, concept, or idea.

And so far as questions are concerned, the main question I had in mind was:

How do I get started?

I’ve heard from my audience and know that some were feeling stuck. They weren’t quite sure where to start or what they should do next.

So, with this context established, the book started taking shape rather quickly.

But there’s another event that, for me, highlighted the importance of this work.

I went to Austin, TX last summer for a musician conference.

I sat in one session that talked specifically about music entrepreneurship, wondering what I might discover.

I was dumbfounded by what I saw.

The presenters started by flashing a massive mind map on screen, talking about the dozens if not 100 or more responsibilities a music entrepreneur supposedly has.

Then, after they gave an overview, they started diving into every subheading with multiple bullet points under each.

It was boring. I was glazing over. I’m sure others in attendance were too.

It was awful. It honestly felt like an insult to me. Because what they were talking about was so separate and distinct from the joy, freedom, and fulfillment I was experiencing and committed to helping others achieve every single day.

That gave The Music Entrepreneur Code the powerful context it needed to become the fluff and B.S. free book it is.