Music Business Sucks… But it doesn’t have to!

“The Foolproof, No-Brainer Method to GETTING PAID FOR YOUR PASSION and IMPACTING MORE FANS Without Wasting Years of Your Life and Thousands of Dollars!

From: David Andrew Wiebe
To: Angry, defeated, frustrated musician

My eyes glazed over. It was RIDICULOUS…

Last August, I went to a certain musician conference in Austin, TX. You know the kind. They have a bunch of breakout sessions teaching you how to grow your music career.

I was at a session supposedly about music entrepreneurship and I just couldn’t believe it.

The presenters flashed a MASSIVE mind map onscreen, showing the jaw-dropping array of responsibilities a music entrepreneur supposedly has.

You won’t believe what happened next:

The presenters started sharing about each of these “responsibilities”, flying through a multitude of bullet points under each subheading.

Blah, blah, blah.

NOBODY in attendance could have possibly gotten anything from this.

I thought, “These guys have GOT to be controlled opposition. What they’re talking about is NOTHING like the joy, excitement, and fulfillment I get every single day from being a music entrepreneur.

I felt like these idiots were making a complete mockery out of me. So, I took it upon myself to show struggling musicians how simple and fun this “music business thing” can actually be.

Then I had a simple but critical realization…

That the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.

You don’t need to know everything there is to know about the music business to get paid for your passion and impact more fans.

There are only a few core things you need to know to get those results you dream of and want so badly.

I also recognized that I had made a lot of mistakes on this journey. And if I could pass along those lessons, I could help you bypass years and years of struggle.

So, I thought back to all the advice I’d been given over the years…

Every trial and error breakthrough, everything I learned from my mentors, everything I got out of hundreds and even thousands of resources I’d consumed…

And distilled all that information down into one, simple, no fluff, no B.S. book.

It’s called The Music Entrepreneur Code, and it delivers on its promise.

So, when you’re ready, click on the button below and get your copy:

The Music Entrepreneur Code

I want to crack the code!