The Music Entrepreneur Code – 2022 Edition: First Look

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Video

The latest edition of The Music Entrepreneur Code is now available. But you might be wondering what has changed with the new 2022 edition.

In this video, David opens the metaphorical kimono to reveal the author’s review copy of The Music Entrepreneur Code – 2022 Edition paperback that the public will never hold in their hands, while highlighting the latest additions to the book.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:00 – The difference between the original and latest edition of The Music Entrepreneur Code
  • 00:25 – Book cover revisions
  • 02:02 – A look inside the new edition


Hey, it’s David Andrew Wiebe with Music Entrepreneur HQ, and today I wanted to look at the difference between the original The Music Entrepreneur Code and the latest 2022 edition.

I should point out that the 2022 Edition I have here is an author’s review copy. It will either end up in recycling or sitting on a bookshelf. It’s not meant for anyone else’s hands. But I wanted to show you anyway.

Cover Revisions

I’m happy with how the cover came out, so I will be approving the design as is.

There have been some changes. You will notice that the size of some of the elements have been changed.

The subtitle is much smaller, and so is my name. We really wanted the title “The Music Entrepreneur Code” to pop, so I decided, along with my designer, to emphasize the elements that are most attention grabbing, while reducing the size of elements that are less important.

So, we changed the size of my name on the cover, because while people do recognize my name and know my work, I’m not so notorious that my name is going to affect sales one way or another. So, it felt right to reduce its size.

I noticed that the Music Entrepreneur HQ logo at the bottom on the new cover looks a little washed out compared to the original. I have a feeling it’s going to come out looking bright and crisp, just as the title text does, but even if it doesn’t, I’m not concerned enough with it to ask for revisions from my designer.

The spine features the title and author name. This is something we wanted to add to the original edition but couldn’t add due to time constraints. When a book is sitting on a shelf, it’s so much nicer when it has relevant information on the spine, and the 2022 Edition has it!

Not many changes were made to the back cover, but the logo was added, and some updates were made to the book description and bio as well.

First Look Inside the Book

We’ll take a quick look inside the book so you can get a sense of everything that’s new in this edition. Overall, there’s 30 pages worth of new content.

The first thing we added was praise for the book. This section is succinct, though, because all we did was add four of the best reviews we got.

The interior of the book is much tighter. We’ve eliminated quite a bit of whitespace to accommodate page count and the cover design. So, if the latest edition doesn’t seem much thicker than the original, that’s why.

As promised, the all-new introduction is much more compelling than the original, with more personal stories. It’s also a little longer, but it highlights the importance of the principles you’re about to learn in the book.

The Music Entrepreneur Code is divided into six parts, and there’s a section introducing each part. So, we decided to add some relevant, inspirational quotes at the top of each part.

In Part 2: Build The Structure, I added a quote by one of my favorite authors, Dan Kennedy:

All wealth is based upon systems.

People loved that the original edition highlighted recommended tools and resources, and in the new Code, we’ve added a few more.

As with last time, there are still 50 some odd secrets (sections) in this book. I’ve massaged the wording (more ninja) a little bit, but overall, it’s just as concise as before. We worked hard at making this book easy to consume.

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