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The Music Entrepreneur Code

The Music Entrepreneur Code

Special Edition PDF eBook

This is the complete book in PDF format with links to additional career-building resources.

If you’re looking for a clear-shot, step-by-step walk that saves you countless hours and wasted money, you’ve found the book that’s rapidly transforming how artists approach music in the digital age.

Musicians everywhere are devouring The Music Entrepreneur Code, discovering for themselves the power of structure, the simplicity of planning and achieving goals predictably, and an incredible wealth of additional tools and resources personally curated by the author.

All this in an easy-to-read, no-fluff inspirational guide from three-time best-selling self-published author of The New Music Industry and The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship, David Andrew Wiebe.

Grow your fan base, get your music heard, and create the life you’ve always wanted to create through music, all without having to become a full-fledged entrepreneur, digital marketer, or professional publisher.


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“A Clear Shot, Step-By-Step Walk That Saves You Countless Hours And Wasted Money.”


There’s Only One Boss

“David Andrew Wiebe is the real deal, a master musician, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Also one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in the industry and has mentored me in launching my career as a composer, touring artist, and producer. His new book is the greatest book I’ve ever read on making it in offering insight and real applied knowledge on how to make it in today’s music industry.”


So Many Resources For Entrepreneurs!

This was a very easy book to read. I love how many resources were available with links and how straightforward it was. The book goes through simple steps for someone new in the music business industry. I felt motivated to get on to doing tasks, time-management, goal setting, and reading other business books suggested. There were a lot of personal examples and specific steps but not overly complicated. Great read!

Andreas Frantz

Trying Out A New Framework

“A very good read. So much useful information. Trying out a new framework now based on what you mention in the book. Thanks.”

Mabel Wong

Must Have Essential For All Entrepreneurs!

“I wish I read this before I started my business! Super organized, straight to the point and easy read. I’ve been building and running my business for seven years now in a ‘Wild Good Chase’ 🙁 trying to figure it all out with many materials, trial and error, lots of confusion and time spent feeling like it’s going nowhere, it was not easy! I spent and wasted A LOT of Money on things that didn’t produce results.

This book lays it out simply and gives you a clear shot step by step walk that saves you time and wasted money. It helps you GET IT DONE and your BUSINESS RUNNING! Doesn’t matter what stage of the business you are in, this is an essential read.

If you are: About to start a business (great for getting the foundational framework of what you are getting into) AND If you are a few years into the business (you will get a clearer picture if you are on the right path and fill in any missing gaps that could be preventing your business from growing upward). I also like how there’s links to additional resources. This points me in the direction of the next book that can help me!

Thank you for creating this book!”

Brent Vaartstra

I Couldn’t Put It Down

“I sat down to read your book this morning. And, even though I had a jam-packed day and a lot of other things to do, I got hooked and ended up reading it all the way through. It’s packed with value and gets straight to the point. No fluff in this book.”

Crack The Code On The Music Business