The Mirror Principle

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What is the mirror principle? How does it work? How does it affect our lives?

In any given moment, our external world reflects our internal world. But we can easily lose sight of this and assume bad things happen because of “bad luck” or “karma.”

So, how can we keep our heads in challenging situations? And how can we become more aware of our internal world?


The mirror principle is simply this, that whatever is happening in your internal world is reflected in your external world.

It’s kind of like this. If you were wearing a pair of glasses with red lenses, then the whole world would seem red to you. You wouldn’t be able to see it any other way. But if you took the glasses off, then you would see that it’s not a red world at all. There are all kinds of colors.

What’s true about being human is that we will always want things.

You will never not want something in your life. And when you want something, you launch a rocket of desire. When you launch a rocket of desire, the universe seeks to bring that thing to you in the quickest manner possible.

Have you ever been in your car and you had the GPS on, and it told you that “this is the quickest route possible even though traffic is heavier than normal?” Well, it’s kind of like that.

The path you take to get to what you want may contain traffic. It might contain obstacles. There might be construction. Maybe there’s a police stop.

But just because those obstacles are there doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not the quickest way to get to what you want.

But when it comes to matters off desire – things we want – which is fundamental to being human, we often look at those obstacles and say:

“Oh well. I tried. Things didn’t work out.”

So, we add resistance to it. We don’t want those obstacles to be there. Even though it’s the quickest route. The GPS just told you it’s the quickest route!

Yet when those obstacles show up, we give up. We add resistances to it. We say, “forget it.”

So, then our journey starts all over again at square one.

Which is to say the outcome of what you want doesn’t matter, because the journey is going to look much the same.

If you can gently acknowledge those obstacles, be with those obstacles, even love those obstacles, that moment will pass, and the traffic will start moving again.

So, when people say, “I was on my way to getting something, but something went wrong.” That’s not quite true. Something didn’t go wrong. There just happened to be obstacles on that journey, which is perfectly normal.

But instead of acknowledging it, and being with it, people instead post to Facebook and say:

“Well, I had my keys stolen this week.”

And then they say:

“Now I had my passport and money stolen. And now I have to replace my phone, because that broke. And because it broke, it cost me more to replace the phone, even though I have insurance on it.”

Then they post to Facebook again. And then they repeat that cycle.

So, their internal world is all about:

“Things are going bad. Things are going bad. Things are going bad.”

And then their external world reflects it to them, showing them that things are going bad.

But in any moment, you can turn that around and have your internal world be:

“Things are great. I love being here. I’m enjoying this experience. This is a fun roller-coaster ride.”

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