The Mindset Required for Success in Music

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

On your way to building a successful music career, what if

  • Your band broke up?
  • Your cousin took his own life?
  • You ended up with an anxiety disorder?
  • You broke up with your significant other?
  • Your producer sabotaged the album that was supposed to be your breakout record?
  • Your new band breaks up?
  • Your grandparent passes?
  • You go through a major financial crunch after the economic meltdown and end up taking five soul-killing jobs just to try to stay afloat?
  • You end up having to sell your home – your office, your studio, your everything?
  • Almost lose your entire fan base while you’re busy figuring out life?
  • You break up with another significant other?
  • You almost go broke again?
  • You almost die in a car accident?
  • Your car breaks down?
  • You almost die in another car accident?
  • Your car breaks down?
  • You break up with yet another significant other?

Does it sound far-fetched?

This is what happened to me as I was trying to figure out my musical and financial life…

What if this happened to you?

Would you give up, or would you keep going?

A Price to Pay

They say there’s a price to pay for success.

I don’t know exactly what that means, but if you want to talk about going through the ringer, I’ve been there.

If you thought the bulleted list at the beginning seemed insurmountable, you only know half the story.

So, there’s just no mistaking it:

Every journey is full of surprises. You never know what might happen. You will encounter challenges on that journey.

But it’s not about the challenges. It’s about what you do with them.

The Journey You Must Take

Everybody assumes success is 80% grit, determination, and hard work…

But Tony Robbins says success is 80% psychology.

Perhaps, based on what I’ve just shared with you, you’re starting to connect the dots.

It takes something to take all those hits and keep getting back up.

I’m alluding to one of my favorite Rocky quotes here:

But when I say something, it’s because I know it’s different for everyone. “A lot” or “a little” is impossible to measure, and what might stop someone dead in their tracks might be a little bump in the road for another.

If you’re pursuing your passion, you must know that road is paved with challenges.

Taking Hits & Getting Back Up

So, if you think mindset doesn’t matter, you’re talking to the wrong guy.

In my life, each challenge and tragedy stacked onto the other, to the point where any time anything negative happened in my life, it started feeling like the end of the world. That’s what happens when you have all negative experiences collapsed onto each other.

If you want to take those hits and keep getting back up, you’d better have a strong mindset. You’d better believe in yourself and your ultimate success, whatever that may look like.

Because if you don’t, I’m sorry to say, you will quit. You will give up. You won’t give yourself a fair chance at achievement.

Something will always come along and stop you dead in your tracks, even as you’re trying to make things happen in your career.

The Mindset to Succeed

How do you strengthen your mindset?

Are you engaged in personal development?

Do you have a support group, people you can count on when things don’t go as planned?

Is there something you can fall back on when things go awry – financial runway, a backup plan, a way to get back in the game?

How do you handle challenges? How do you learn from them and carry those lessons into your life moving forward?

Are you willing to pay the price for success, whatever that may look like?

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