The Importance of Setting a Specific Intention for Your Business

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Entrepreneurship

All businesses start with an intention.

Unfortunately, you can’t undo an intention once it has been set in motion.

And over the course of months and years, layers are added on top.

If your business is not going how, you thought it would, it’s because there’s no alignment between the intention you originally set, and the intention you hold now.

Which isn’t to say your current intention is wrong. It is almost certainly an expanded view of your original intention.

But to change the intention of the business after the fact, you’d need to rip up the foundations. And that’s easier said than done. It would almost be easier to start from scratch.

Be mindful of the intention you set. People often choose vague, ambiguous, murky intentions for their businesses and are later disappointed that it’s not doing what they hoped it would.

“Helping single moms” is usually too vague. You will help single moms, often at your own expense.

“Helping single moms while contributing and receiving value.” Better, though not perfect. You will help single moms, and value will be exchanged, but your resources will appear to disappear quickly, especially without a clear strategy. You’ll also end up helping in a variety of ways you never planned for.

Keep homing in on an intention that matches the outcome you want to create.