The 4 Pillars of Success

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Personal Development

A few nights ago, I had a conversation with Spirit.

I expressed some dissatisfaction with where I was in life.

I was expressing how badly I wanted the dream. The same dream I’ve been chasing for years and years. Only to be met with frustration and disappointment.

But I want the dream more and more each day. The desire grows and I spend all my time and energy on it. It consumes me.

And I want it more and more, not because I want it for me, but because of the things I know it would allow me to do for others.

Spirit responded with the four pillars of success. They are simple. Perhaps nothing you haven’t heard before. But they are nuanced. And no success is built without each pillar firmly in place.

I’ll share what these pillars are as well as what they mean to me.

Pillar #1: Hard Work

Every success is built on hard work.

What this means to me: There are no flukes. You can’t be successful without putting in the work.

People are quick to point to “exceptions.” Yet, these so-called exceptions, if you observe them closely, have an insane work ethic. Or, they are short-term successes at best.

A trust fund baby isn’t a success by default. They may have certain advantages their parents worked to earn. But some of these kids end up living in the shadows of their parents.

If there’s something you want, you’ve got to put in the work to earn it. No exceptions.

Pillar #2: Persistence

Every success is built on persistence.

What this means to me: You’ve got to get going and keep going.

This doesn’t mean you won’t need to readjust and pivot from time to time. If what you’re doing isn’t working, keep adapting and iterating!

Your audience is already giving you feedback. Listen.

But you can’t give up on yourself and expect to get anywhere. Keep your vision (see next pillar) and persist.

You will encounter challenges. You will be rejected. You will feel like giving up.

Instead, knock and keep on knocking.

Pillar #3: Commitment to a Vision

Every success is built on a commitment to a vision.

What this means to me: See in your mind’s eye what you want to achieve – not just what you’d like to do in your career or business, but also how you’d like your life to be.

I recommend the following meditation:

Focus on the people you want to impact. The amazing life you want with your friends, family, and soulmate as well as all the people who will benefit from the difference you make in the world.

What’s the legacy you’ll leave behind?

If you can visualize it, it’s already a reality.

Pillar #4: Belief in Self & Your Product

Every success is built on a strong belief in yourself and your product.

What this means to me:  If you believe in yourself and your product (it doesn’t need to be a literal product – it could be art, a service you offer, volunteering, etc.), you will do more, be more, invest more, and take more chances on your dream.

If you’re lacking belief, you will do less, be less, invest less, and take fewer chances to get to where you want to go. Disappointment will follow.

Observe your actions. Are you doing everything in your power? Having conversations you don’t want to have? Making financial investments you’re scared to make? Taking daily actions even when you’re tired, exhausted, and overworked?

Or, are you holding back?


If any of these pillars are out of balance, you can’t achieve at the level you desire. Even the success you’ve built will seem to fade rather quickly.

But now that you know what the pillars are, you can identify where you need to reinforce and fortify.

For me, pillars #1 and #2 were not a problem. Pillars #3 and #4 is where I saw significant room for improvement.