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The 2016 Reset: Why I'm Changing & Where I'm GoingI’ve talked a little bit about this already on episode 91 and 92 of my podcast, DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship, which is now officially on extended hiatus.

After years of dedication and hard work, and glimpses of traction, it almost seems wrong to be stepping away from something that has meant so much to me over the years.

But based on what I want to accomplish and where I want to go in life, it makes perfect sense.

Why I’m Changing

If I had to sum it up in a few bullet points, it would be because:

  • I’ve become too unfocused. I have tons of client work to do, never mind the many personal projects I’ve continued to throw myself into.
  • My personal vision has become clearer. I’m starting to get a better sense of what I want out of life, and how to go about getting it.
  • I can always come back to it later. Whatever I’m leaving behind, odds are I will be able to revisit it later. There are no certainties in life, but given the choice, I would prefer to put my time into creating music – at this stage of my life.

But on a bigger scale, there have been several other sources of inspiration. Let’s get into those.

Session 191 of the SPI Podcast

After listening to Pat talk about the methods he suggested Robert Kibbe use to promote his deadweight course in this session of SPI, I came to some of my own realizations. They weren’t fully formed yet, but soon enough they would be cemented when I listened to…

Episode 305 of Internet Business Mastery

I have been a long time listener of Internet Business Mastery. In episode 305, they talked about the three things you need to focus on to build wealth in your business. Wow. I wish I had learned this stuff sooner.

According to them, the three things are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Creating new value to sell
  3. Automating or streamlining your sales systems

Maybe this isn’t terribly revolutionary for you, but when they broke it down like that, I quickly began to realize how much time I was wasting chasing shiny objects.

I came to understand that every blog post you write needs to have a purpose, and if you want to create passive streams of income online, you need to create value and sales funnels to sell that value.

But there is one more podcast episode that really pushed me over the edge. It was…

Derek Sivers on The Tim Ferriss Show

I’ve been following Derek Sivers for many years now (probably around eight), and the way he lives his life continues to inspire and motivate me.

On The Tim Ferriss Show, he talked about:

  • Putting systems in place at CD Baby to free up more of his time. Employees were constantly coming to him with questions, and it was bugging the crap out of him. He had to find a way to streamline employee activity.
  • Writing from 7 AM to midnight. And when he says writing, I assume he means “writing code”. But what I realized from this was that if you put 100% of your focus on a project until it’s done (and work on something you enjoy), not only will it get done quicker, it will also be better.
  • The fact that most of us will live to be 80. This means that, if you’re 30 now, and there are four or five things you really want to accomplish in this lifetime, you will have about 10 years to dedicate to each. I quickly realized I didn’t want to wait another 10 years to start making music again.

How does all this fit together?

What I learned from SPI and IBM will be used to improve my product promotion strategy moving forward.

This will also help with creating clear boundaries for the projects I take on, and knowing exactly what to focus on.

As for what Derek said, it has really helped me achieve more clarity around what I want out of life and what my underlying priorities are.

I say “underlying”, because, even I wasn’t really sure what I was working towards until recently. But all the input I’ve been taking in has really helped me with that.

Come to think of it, Cameron Herold’s Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less (affiliate link – definitely recommended) has also been a major source of inspiration.

The Death of Serial/Episodic Content

One more thing on why I’m changing.

Ultimately, I’m not planning on taking down The Music Entrepreneur site, nor am I looking to discontinue my efforts there completely and indefinitely.

I’m also interested in doing more interviews and talking to more musicians, experts, authors, and so on.

What I am proposing is the temporary discontinuation of serial or episodic content – by that I mean any content that I have to produce regularly on an ongoing, consistent basis (keeping in mind that I also have other sites I’ve committed to producing regular content for).

I’ve talked about the project capsule idea before, and it’s an idea whose time has finally come for me. I want to focus on one thing at a time, not be torn in a dozen different directions.

I’m not saying that I will never do anything that’s serial in nature. As I begin to work on my music and other projects I want to take on, I will be creating content around those creations to promote and support them. It’s inevitable.

But there are a few things I want to complete without being constantly interrupted by another content piece that has to be finished by a certain deadline.

By the way, I really do enjoy writing and creating content – as you can see, it’s been both a blessing and a curse.

Where I’m Going

If I were to sum it up in a few bullet points, I’m:

  • Working towards becoming debt free. This is not far off, especially if things go according to plan around tax season.
  • Going to continue promoting my book, The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age. I’m going to need to do some more planning around that.
  • Going to work on music. Finally.
  • Looking to streamline my work and passion life. Write content by day, work on music by night.
  • Wanting to find a life partner. It’s time to start meeting more beautiful young women.
  • Planning on going to Japan every single year for two weeks. I grew up there, have many friends, and want to reconnect with them. It has been too long.
  • Interested in moving. I don’t know where yet – possibly Canmore, Alberta, or somewhere in British Columbia. A nice, quiet and spacious place (preferably with a fireplace near a large window) that isn’t too disconnected from people, places, and things to do.

Are You Resetting?

Are you hitting the “reset” button on your life?

If so, I want to hear about it.

Please leave a comment below letting me know why you’re changing and where you’re planning on going next.