That All-Important “Aha” Moment

by | Feb 10, 2021 | News

I can still recall the moment I realized everything I was learning in business could be applied to my music career.

Of all things, it was at a network marketing conference.

Say what you will about the business model, but their training material is often BOSS.

And because I devoured it, I picked up the fundamentals of business FAST.

I was excited, because finally I held in my hand the “how-to” of making a music career work.

But I can see now that I wasn’t just discovering the ins and outs of making a music career work. It was also the “how-to” of making any project, community, or business work.

THAT was the true value of the education.

There was just one thing that struck me as sad and disappointing about the whole thing.

“If only I had known sooner.”

Do you know how many times I hear those words from my customers, students, and friends? Several times per month!

I was in my late 20s when I’d finally had that “aha” moment. Age is just a number, but you can see why I wish I’d seen it sooner.

The 12 years leading up to that point could have gone much differently if I had known what I had finally come to realize. I may not have had to endure the pain of losing my home, home studio, and even my car.

So, the question is…

How long do you want to put off YOUR “aha” moment?

Are you willing to wait?

Do you want to stay in the same place year after year…

Living the same year over and over…

Never making any progress in the areas you care about most?

Because let’s face it – we all have good intentions. But not many people change in a way that’s measurable or tangible.

People say they want to get in shape, but tend to stay at about the same weight or even GAIN weight.

People say they want to start a business, or write a book, or begin investing their money. But many DON’T even take the first steps.

Musicians say they want a better career, impact more fans, and earn an income from their passion. Bust MOST don’t.

Ouch… Did that one hurt a little?

The choice is yours. It’s about what you tolerate. Because whatever you tolerate will persist in your world.

Are you ready to have your “aha” moment?

Or will you end up like my friends who say, “If only I had known sooner.”

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