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Your progress has been saved.Both Gabefornow and I are immensely grateful for the support we have been receiving over the last few years, and, in particular, the last few months.

If you go into our archives, you will see that we’ve been consistently producing new content for 18 months straight. In reality, I created the site back in 2009, and even before that, I was starting to write movie and video game reviews, possibly even in 2008. This site is now the culmination of all of those efforts. It has been quite the ride.

However, Gabefornow and I both need to take some time to figure out our financial life. Though I think every site owner and blogger hopes that his or her site produces for them, that isn’t necessarily the main focus with us, nor is it necessarily the reason we’re stopping.

With the addition of Gabefornow, we started doing more indie game reviews, and we were hoping to continue to reach out to the indie community. We made many changes to the website, hoping to create a better user experience for our visitors. You don’t address these issues and dedicate yourself to these tasks in anticipation of going on hiatus.

Certainly, there are always different motives that go behind running a site like this, and while I’m not saying that our motivation has always been pure (a little financial remuneration is always nice), we have been working on adding more value to the world around us. We hope that we have, even in a small way.

For this site to be everything that it should be and could be, the team needs to eliminate financial pressure. Too much mind space is taken up by debt and paying the bills, and anyone that it’s in this situation knows that it throws you off-balance, regardless of your intentions.

This isn’t necessarily “the end”. We hope to come back to this project when we have more freedom in our lives and when money is under control. We hope to have more fun than we’ve ever had in the past.

In order for that to happen, “free” or volunteer projects need to be made less of a priority in our schedule. I am mostly saying that because, of anyone, my priorities have been the most “out of whack”. I simply cannot believe how much of my time has gone towards non-paying projects in the last 18 months. I am only now realizing my personal value, which is worth so much more.

When we are ready to come back, it will likely be with new additions to the team. This was never meant to be a one-man show, and I would absolutely love to see more content creators collaborating and contributing.

We hope to return in short order. Until then, we’ll be seeing you!