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Some of the most lucrative opportunities today are in creative fields and many don’t even know.

Take a moment to think about the average job. Does it enable a person to be creative? Your answer might be “maybe” or “sort of”, but a lot jobs stifle people’s creativity. There isn’t a whole lot of room to do anything “outside the box”. Business is usually “by the book”.

Paradoxically, you always do things by the book, you could be easily replaced within the organization. If your boss can teach someone else to do what you are already doing, you are, unfortunately, disposable.

If you work hard, do more than is expected of you, find more efficient ways of doing things, find ways to reduce overhead and develop your leadership skills, you may be seen as a “wild card”, but you will become indispensible. You might ruffle some feathers, but your contributions will never go overlooked.

That’s how to become invaluable to a company.

But there are great opportunities in freelancing and entrepreneurship too. And, generally, there is no upper limit on what you can do with your creativity if you’re your own boss.

The Potential of Creative Work

The reason creativity is so highly valued is because it allows people to develop multiple channels of passive income. They don’t have to be limited to any single medium, and if they’ve gone through the process of creating a successful business once, chances are they can duplicate that feat again.

Passive income may not come easily, but even just a few hundred dollars of residual income on a monthly basis is hugely beneficial. If you develop a product and put it out into the world, it might make you a little, and it might make you a lot. The wonderful part about this is that you don’t ever have to stop at one product. You can keep creating!

Take a moment to consider these questions.

Do you know any wealthy authors? Sure you do. There are some that have sold hundreds of millions of books.

Do you know any wealth painters? The starving artist may be an archetype for a reason, but there are plenty of paintings that have sold for millions of dollars.

How about blogging? Of course there are wealthy bloggers! Some online writers make five figures every month!

There couldn’t possibly be any rich musicians out there, right? Oh wait, of course there are!

In virtually every creative field, there are examples of people who have become wealthy. You may argue that they are the “lucky few”, but you have to begin thinking in terms of value. Does creative work give you the chance to create more value, or less value than your job currently allows you to?

Of course you can add value to people at your job. In fact, that’s probably a pretty good place to start. However, when will you ever be given the opportunity to make even just a few hundred dollars extra on the side. It’s pretty rare.

With creative work, you at least have the chance, even if you think it’s remote.

Having said that, becoming successful in any endeavor is going to require tenacity, consistency and hard work anyway. The overwhelming majority (if not all) successful people didn’t make it overnight.

So, what’s stopping you from creating?