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Thank you all for your continued support of Amass A Fortune.

This has been both a fulfilling and worthwhile project for me. However, it is one of many that I have been plugging away at for quite some time without a definite direction.

I will be first to admit that, on the onset, no goals were set for this website outside of content creation (write 50 pieces of content). This is probably due in part to the fact that I have had too many things to work on. A cluttered mind has led to an inability to focus on what I really want to accomplish. In fact, I haven’t really taken the time to get clear on my motivation at all.

As I wind down some of my commitments, it’s amazing to me how much more clarity I’ve already regained. Though work is always a prerequisite to a successful undertaking, one cannot underestimate the power of thought. With a clear mind, it is possible to guide your thoughts in the direction of your desires. When your desires are plainly defined, you will move towards your goals with greater speed.

This reality has also coincided with the fact that I need to get my financial life back in order. It’s somewhat ironic, considering that this site is about getting out of debt, making more money and building wealth.

You can know all the theory, and yet fail to apply and implement what you’ve learned. However, in my case, the more likely cause of this downturn is simply the fact that my priorities have not been organized in a sensible manner. Sometimes, admitting your shortfalls is healing. It also lends courage to those who question whether or not they can attain anything great in this lifetime.

I assure you; no matter who you are or where you are starting from today, it is possible to achieve. You can create a great future for yourself. You just have to start and stay started.

I should also be clear that this is not goodbye. I need some time to regroup. I need to think about what I want to do with this site. I need to set some definite goals for it.

For the time being, not having to focus on yet another project will be beneficial to me. I will be able to lend more of my mental energies to the things that really matter right now.

I will be back. Until then, if you are interested in submitting a guest post, we are still accepting submissions.

Thanks so much for your support.