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If you’re an ambitious creative or creator, there have probably been times when you felt guilty for taking a break.

And this is often accompanied by thoughts like “my business needs me” or “I feel like I should be doing something to keep growing my business.”

But step back for just a moment and think.

Why did you get into business in the first place? What was your goal?

To make an independent income? Make a difference in the world? Impact your audience?

True, these are all strong motivators. But at the top of that pyramid lies the most critical reason:

To be happy.

Doing the work that we do makes us happy.

Doing the work that we do makes us happy. Click To Tweet

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some difficult days. Disappointments and frustrations can also mount over time, and once we’ve entered a cycle of disappointment and frustration, the only way to get out of it is to interrupt the pattern. Which often means stopping.

What progress are you going to make when you feel disappointment and frustrated? Little to none. At times, you will even feel like you’re going backwards.

Taking a break is not lost income. It’s gained happiness. And that happiness is worth more than any money you could make. It might end up saving your life!

You will also discover that the happier you are doing what you do, the more things seem to flow in your business. A greater income will follow.

The happier you are doing what you do, the more things seem to flow in your business. Click To Tweet

There’s nothing to lose by taking a break but there is usually something to gain.

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