Weekly Digest: April 17, 2021

Weekly Digest: April 17, 2021

David Andrew Wiebe, April 2021When you persevere through apathy and disinterest, aren’t you just attracting more of the same? Don’t you just draw in more opportunities to persevere through apathy and disinterest?

I’m not saying that you won’t see incremental progress in your project. Of course, it’s possible to grow one step at a time.

The question is whether something that was grown out of a foundation of apathy and disinterest is ever going to be anything more than a homing beacon for the same.

We often virtue signal perseverance, but I wonder whether we should hold up pivoting in its place.

Taking a page from my own book, “sticking with it” for the sake of it is a terrible idea. Being loyal to someone or something that doesn’t deserve it is only going to do harm and disservice to yourself while building someone else’s dream. You have nothing to gain or profit from, beyond the self-contained lesson.

As I’ve begun culling my to-do list of tasks that only seem to take up time, I’m noticing what it feels like to disengage from the mostly pointless. There’s a part of me that wants to hold on, which is human. But there’s another part of me that wakes up every morning thinking, “what the hell am I doing that for?”

If I want to create a life revolving around growth, fulfillment, and sustainability, it’s vital to sit with that tension.

I will continue to entertain this tension and rethink how I spend my time and energy, because I grow tired of suspense and purgatory. I grow tired of tiredness and spending all my free time on what doesn’t work or only barely works, as it continues to eat away at my time, energy, and will. The roller-coaster ride keeps climbing and plummeting, climbing, and plummeting. Where are the hockey stick growth charts?

What I’m saying is:

Maybe it would be better to pursue resonance. Where we find resonance, we find growth, fulfillment, and profitability.

Plenty of things are worth doing, regardless of the zeitgeist. But if you want to build a sustainable creative career, resonance is critical.

And there are often early signs of resonance. Sometimes it doesn’t last, and it will be necessary to pivot. All the more reason to embrace periodic adjustment.

Until you’ve found your calling, set up structures for fast iteration and for short-term stay, not structures of permanent residence.

With that, here’s what I created for you this week.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.

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Seeking Transformative Growth

Seeking Transformative Growth

“I’m frustrated, tired, and stuck. And I don’t feel like doing anything about it,” she said.

This comment struck me as familiar. Probably because, indeed, I had heard it before, from the same friend.

Her and I went on to discuss the personal development program we were planning to take – both for different reasons.

She because she felt irreversibly stuck in her business, and me because I felt like a fire was being lit right under my butt.

I don’t feel stuck myself, I just feel like progress has been incremental and slow as of late. As someone who has experienced breakthrough, I know the difference between slight improvement and exponential growth. And it’s hard to be happy with the former when you know what the latter feels like.

As I see my friends continue to engage and advance, I can’t help but feel a responsibility to keep on myself. I started a chain reaction of transformative learning back in 2018. If I hadn’t gotten into the program, it’s quite possible my friends wouldn’t have either.

Growth is Not Comparable

Since 2007, I have engaged in personal development daily. Which doesn’t prove anything in and of itself, except that I have consumed my share of books, podcasts, courses, and so on.

Because growth is not comparable. Someone will take three courses and create fortune enough to buy a yacht. Others will take 10 courses and will have only moved from a small home to a slightly bigger home.

Progress isn’t always measurable in material things alone. Growth can come in many forms, be it personal fulfillment, better quality of relationships, increased vitality, or otherwise.

And what people desire to create is not uniform. We each have our own visions of what “breakthrough” could look like in any area of life.

But if you go as far as you can see, you will see further.

The question I have, though, is “how do we get out of this insanity?” How do we curtail feeling stuck in our lives without relying on more transformative programs? Is it necessary to fall into a rut every single time before we realize the need for more courses? Or is ongoing, continual, never-ending engagement in transformation par for the course? What makes the difference?

Needed Context

I have more questions than answers.

And this post is more rant than content. More free flow than form.

If there’s anything I do know, it’s that I have not produced all the results I seek to create in life or business, despite diligent, persistent, tenacious, hardworking effort.

I have accomplished some big goals to be sure. And I’ve created a degree of freedom once only dreamed of. But I have scraped and clawed for all of it. There was little luck involved.

Looking back at where you were only one year ago, or five years ago, can offer needed context and perspective.

And I can see that I was not at the level I’m at now only a year and a half ago. Which goes to show that, indeed, I have grown tremendously.

I do wonder, though, if I have yet to find my exact calling. I’m close, but I don’t know that I’ve hit the bull’s eye.

People say I’m doing a service when I create resources for musicians. But it’s a complex and nuanced market to promote to. Without the daily grind, results aren’t exactly forthcoming.

At one time or another, I have been excited about everything I have worked on. But some of what used to fire me up doesn’t have me jumping out of bed in the morning anymore.

Passion can be a moving target. So, maybe that’s beside the point. Because, as I said, I haven’t stopped growing.

What I would like to know is whether the life I desire is more scraping and clawing, or if there is another way that isn’t just more of the same, long walk in the desert?

I would like to know whether it’s possible to feel good about life and work without having to constantly go for a “mindset refresh” or relying on yet another resource that’s supposed to be the “answer” but is sometimes little more than a placebo.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry for me too much. I’m thinking aloud.

My personal development journey is far from over. And I hope I haven’t deterred you from yours.

What I’m looking for is a lasting breakthrough. Something more than momentary elation. A sense of wholeness.

Maybe that’s asking for too much. But I’m not sure my search will be over until I find it.

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