Daily Update

Welcome back, friend. Here’s my update for toda… well, it’s past midnight already, so here’s my update for yesterday.

Random Thoughts

  • This is the time for music entrepreneurs to rise up. It’s getting harder for musicians to sell albums and make money. That’s exactly why we need to start innovating and problem-solving. There is no cure-all, but there are new developments happening. It’s a question of whether or not we choose to be a part of them. Put your mind to work, music entrepreneurs!
  • I want to be more generous with my time and energy, so I’ve been thinking about interacting on forums and groups more, and answering whatever questions I can. Generosity and servitude is really the only way to add value to the world.
  • Money is a renewable resource. I feel justified in taking some chances. Entrepreneurship is having money and people work for you, and since I only have 24 hours in a day, I need to duplicate my efforts by outsourcing and hiring.

What I’ve Been Listening To

Think Act Get. Wow, I’ve really been enjoying this business podcast. I’ve been a fan of James Schramko for a while now, but Ezra Firestone is also a really neat guy, and I watched a couple of his videos too – also great stuff. This one on Hustle ‘N Grind is something all of us entrepreneur types would do well to heed.

As far as music goes, I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Mr. Big and The Winery Dogs today. These bands are on pretty regular rotation here at the DAW office. I keep circling around them too, and by that I mean I listen to a lot of projects the individual band members are involved in, like Paul Gilbert solo or Richie Kotzen solo. All really great stuff.

What I’ve Been Working On

Well, there’s one project that I’m not really at liberty to disclose anything about just yet. What I will say is that we had another meeting this morning to discuss it.

Other than that, I’ve been working on new content for Music Industry How To – I’ve been a staff writer with them for a while now (a little over a year). That’s been an amazing experience for me.

And that’s about it. I guess it may not sound like much, but the reality is that these two things really ended up dominating my day. In particular, there was one large scale project in there.

Feel free to let me know what you’ve been working on too.