2023 Wish List

2023 Wish List

The first quarter of 2023 is almost over.

It has been a very productive year for me so far, but I know I can always challenge myself to go bigger.

So, I’ve put together the following 2023 wish list. These are the items that, if they were fully completed this year, I would be thrilled.

There’s almost nothing I’m starting from scratch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my work cut out for me!

I will be crossing off items as they are completed, and I may even be adding to the list as we go.


  • The Renegade Musician
  • Digital NO-Mad (working title)
  • Surprise, Uplift (working title)
  • Life Transitions (working title)
  • Flashes of Elation
  • The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition (working title)
  • Champion of Artistic Success, Vol. 1
  • Physical copies of Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook
  • Hardcover version of The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide


  • Productivity, Performance & Profits Newsletter


  • The Renegade Musician

Members Only Audios

  • Bring the 2021 archives fully up to date
  • Bring the 2022 archives fully up to date
  • Bring the 2023 archives fully up to date

Music Entrepreneur HQ Website

  • Merchandise page


Update: December 6, 2022

Update: December 6, 2022

We’re about due for an update, aren’t we?

It’s nice that I’m back in the rhythm of publishing daily here on my personal blog, but this is, after all, about documenting the journey. Not that this isn’t what I’ve been doing, but the content has certainly had a more outward looking esthetic to it than before. For the most part, this will probably continue to be the case.

Either way, a personal update is in order, because I’ve been making some massive progress in a couple of domains.

The Renegade Musician Manuscript is… Complete?

As of today, I’ve completed editing the bulk of The Renegade Musician book, and it’s coming in at nearly 70,000 words! The only thing left to do now is to edit Appendix II, and the manuscript will be considered complete.

Of course, there is more to do before we can publish. All the content needs to be dropped into a 6×9 US Trade template, and then we need to add the boring legal stuff, table of contents, acknowledgements, next steps, and so on.

In the meantime, though, there is going to be a bit of a publicity push, and we do expect to see some blurbs and interviews out there soon.

The project has taken a little longer than expected but I obviously underestimated how much I would have to do in November. As of today, it feels like I’m starting to get back on track with everything (and I emphasize starting, because my email is still piling up…).

New Podcast Incoming!

I began discussing the idea for a new podcast with my team a couple of weeks ago. The wheels are in motion, and we’ve already created the podcast artwork. We’ve also settled on a podcast theme, and I’ve generated over 40 episode ideas.

If all goes according to plan, the first episode will come out this week. But there are a lot of moving pieces we’re trying to work out.

Also, this is the first time I’ve made the call in a while, but we are looking for more team members to support the project! So, if you’re interested in contributing:

  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • PR
  • Audio editing
  • Something else

Be sure to reach out to me so we can get into conversation!

Where to Find Me Today: September 29, 2022

Where to Find Me Today: September 29, 2022

And I’m back with another episode of “where you can find me today.”

As with yesterday, there’s plenty of fresh ink I’m proud to share. You’ll find links to all the posts below.

And if you were in Burnaby today, you may have caught me at Cineplex VIP Cinemas Brentwood hanging out with my friends. This was a rather rare outing, but it ended up being a ton of fun.

Tomorrow isn’t necessarily shaping up to be a big day, but it’s already after midnight, I’ve got an early meeting, and I will probably engage in a ton of marketing activity. So, I’m off to bed for now, but I look forward to connecting with you again on the final day of September.

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Where to Find Me Today: September 29, 2022

Where to Find Me Today: September 28, 2022

Hey friends!

Well, I know it’s been a while. It’s really been a whirlwind as of late, something you will know well if you’ve been following my journey on Steemit.

Some of you might be wondering why I’ve been posting to Steemit and not here or on Medium, and it was an intuitive decision first and foremost. But I’ve also been itching to experiment more aggressively with Steemit. Guaranteed I will be sharing the results of this experiment in a future blog post. 😉

I’ve already got a ton of projects on the go (as I always do – let’s face it), but I must admit it didn’t feel right to me that I wasn’t posting updates here on DavidAndrewWiebe.com. So, here I am to share a little bit about what I’m up to and to point you in the direction of “where to find me” today.

On any given day, I’m producing and publishing insane amounts of content, but you must know where to look to find it. I figured, instead of making you work for it, though, I would curate and compile all the posts and share them with you here.

Here’s what I have to share with you today. Enjoy!

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Weekly Digest: May 29, 2021

Weekly Digest: May 29, 2021

David Andrew Wiebe, May 2021Breakthroughs are followed by breakdowns. And breakdowns are followed by breakthroughs.

I have observed this pattern on far too many occasions to call it coincidence.

You can prepare for the breakdowns but only to a certain extent. There’s a good chance it will be unexpected, out of left field, and all-consuming, even if only momentarily. Which makes it harder to observe the pattern and easier to get caught up in the emotion of it.

But observing the pattern is all you need to do to see it for what it is. The battle is half won once you’ve trained yourself to observe. More importantly, the pattern is not an impasse but rather a test.

Life is full of tests, which result in lessons. Lessons not learned always return later at inopportune moments to haunt us in the form of tests.

To advance in life, in creativity, and in business, we need to learn our lessons. There is no other way.

So, will you develop the mental toughness to invite and welcome tests in your life? That’s how you know you’re on the path to rapid growth.

With that, here’s what I created for you this week:

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Random Things I Dig

NDAX is a great place for Canadians to go to buy crypto, including Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others.

Featured Product

Did you get your copy of The Renegade Musician yet?

I’ve been developing some awesome bonuses to go with it, and plan to improve its design too.

And yes, I might even be making it into a Kindle and paperback!

But it’s never too late or too early to join the ranks of those who now identify as Renegade Musicians.

Will you empower yourself?

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The Renegade Musician

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.