Merry Christmas with Gratitude

Merry Christmas with Gratitude

2020 has been all manner of strange. For some, it has been an especially difficult year. For others, it’s been the best year in recent memory. For me, it was somewhere in the middle.

But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.

In this post, I will be paying tribute to family, friends, coaches, collaborators, colleagues, podcast guests, and more.

Whenever you do something like this, someone always gets missed, but if you’ve helped, inspired, supported, coached, or have been a part of my life in some capacity, you know exactly who you are. Thank you and may all your Christmas wishes be fulfilled.

Here is who I wish to thank this year:

Mom & Bryan
Grandma Wiebe
Kevin & Beena
The Wiebes
The Wagners
The Sloats
Frederick Tamagi
The Indie YYC
Mabel, Lena, Jenny
Karlo Keet
Delores Keet
Greg Wilnau
Brent Vaartstra
Brian Bob Young
Anna Mae Alexander
Tucker/Sean Harley
Amos Bracewell
Jonathan Ferguson
Long Jon Lev
Patrick Zelinski
Wakefield Brewster
Maveen Kaura
Grey, Alice
Adam Meachem
Bill & Sharon
Jon & Julie Stockdale
Shaun Letang
Liam Duncan
Vasja Veber
João Filipe
Dave Chick
Ed Vincent
Jason Grishkoff
Stefan Schulz
Cheryl B. Engelhardt
Jack Forman
Ben Mendoza
Matt Ramsey
Andy Seth
Ty Frankel
Karan Beghi
Adam McInnis
Sarah Beth Perry
Michael Brandvold
Tyler Volkmar
Christine Brackenhoff
Rock Paper Scissors
Dave Hawkins
Christopher Sutton
Jules Schroeder
Ian Temple
CD Baby
Derek Sivers
James Schramko
John Lint
Dan Kennedy
Gene Simmons
Quazi Johir
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Kyle Cease
Eddie Van Halen
Wolfgang Van Halen

As for me, I only wish for two things this Christmas.

One is that I meet a cute Asian, or leggy blonde, or beautiful brunette, or saucy Latina. I can’t decide. Just pray for me or send good vibes (or if you have any leads, let me know).

Two is I’m looking to double my business in 2021. Any thoughts on how I can do this? Leave a comment and let me know.

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