247 – The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of Creating an Income in Music

247 – The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of Creating an Income in Music

Creating an income in music isn’t that hard. But growing and scaling that income can be. And it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, not knowing what changes or tweaks to make to cause a breakthrough.

What’s the number one thing getting in the way of creating an income in music?

That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:37 – Are we going to be talking about “fear” today?
  • 01:16 – Have you ever had these experiences (questions to ask yourself)?
  • 02:46 – What do those experiences look like as applied to your music career?
  • 04:20 – What is the real cause of your struggle?
  • 06:19 – Why do we stop doing what’s working in our music career?
  • 07:15 – What is the solution to this pain?
  • 09:22 – What weekly habit could you adopt to make more income?
  • 09:55 – Next powerful steps you can take


Coming soon.

Closing Segment

So, if you’re ready to stop doing what doesn’t work, if you want to start prioritizing the right things, if you want to stop getting lost in busywork or let discomfort get in the way of what you want out of your music career, I want to invite you to pick up a copy of my best-selling guide, The Music Entrepreneur Code. Go to davidandrewwiebe.com/Code to get the special edition PDF eBook.

This has been episode 247 of The New Music Industry Podcast. I’m David Andrew Wiebe, and I look forward to seeing you on the stages of the world.

How You Handle Yourself in One Area of Life

How You Handle Yourself in One Area of Life

Is exactly how you handle yourself in every area of life.

Of course, your knee-jerk reaction is going to be, “that’s not true – I have disproportionate results in X area, while Y area suffers.”

But look closely again.

You will see that you are always tempted to quit – or do in fact quit – at a certain point regardless of the relationship, business, fitness goal, or otherwise.

Likewise, where you do well, you tend to do well in every area of life.

We should not be discouraged by this. Instead, we should use it as a mirror to identify where we frequently find ourselves stopped, wanting to give up, or otherwise struggling.

By doing so, we can create plans that allow us to move passed the familiar and into the unknown. Because in the unknown is where breakthrough happens.

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You’re Human & So is Everyone Else

You’re Human & So is Everyone Else

When it comes right down to it, everyone runs from responsibility, discomfort, commitment, and pain.

Even the seemingly fearless who run towards challenges eventually find themselves crying “uncle.” Everyone arrives at “too much” if you push them far enough.

Your heroes aren’t that much bigger than you. They’ve struggled just like you. They’ve had to conquer themselves, wrestle their excuses to the ground, take risks when they felt more like turning, running, and hiding.

I say that as if it’s a permanent condition, but it’s not. It’s a daily struggle.

The only difference between you and them is that your heroes have been just a tad bolder, a tad more audacious, a tad more direct.

Where you’ve held back, they’ve been in action. And those actions might not be as massive as you’d expect. They simply asked where you failed to ask, made requests where you were stopped, had conversations where you were too uncomfortable to communicate. That’s it.

Pedestals are pointless. Your heroes are just like you. They have worries, fears, excuses, and concerns too. And some days, most days, they don’t live up to their own standards, let alone the high standards you hold them to. You just don’t hear about it.

You’re human. And so is everyone else.

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What’s the Number One Thing that Stops Artists the Most?

What’s the Number One Thing that Stops Artists the Most?

Is it not having an effective Spotify strategy?

Is it not being business minded enough?

Or maybe it’s an issue with marketing and promotion.

Look, an artistic career isn’t always easy. At times, it can be downright HARD.

Ever had a flat tire? Been there…

…Booked a show no one came to? Yup!

…Had someone reject your application to play at a festival? Here, here!

No one is exempt from these struggles. Not. One. Artist.

I have even been in situations where I thought I should have known a lot better, and still went ahead with a performance, contract, or collaborative partnership that quickly turned sour. And those situations were all frustrating, embarrassing, and defeating.

So long as your heart is beating in your chest, you will make mistakes.

But there is still hope! Not hope as a strategy, but hope that you can overcome and take your career beyond.

Because no matter how many mistakes you make, the path to success remains a constant.

That road is surely paved with obstacles and challenges. But those are just there to test your resolve and commitment to creating the life you love through music.

Where did your dream go? Nowhere! It’s still there! All you need to do is acknowledge it and keep moving.

At any time, you can reframe how you think.

Problems and issues become challenges and lessons.

Criticism becomes the fuel to improve.

Rejection becomes the motivation to finding someone who values your work and to stop chasing people who don’t care about you.

Reframing how you think allows you to keep moving, even in seemingly impossible situations.

And most importantly, it helps you grow a fan base, impact your tribe, and make money from your passion.

That destination is not as far off as you might think, either.

Ready to reframe how think?

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