When Nothing is Moving in Your Artistic Career, Do This

When Nothing is Moving in Your Artistic Career, Do This

There often comes a time in one’s career where despite a lot of activity, nothing really seems to be moving.

You’re doing work, but money’s not coming in. You’re making calls to venues, but no one’s returning them. You’re posting on social media, but engagement is down.

We often write these off as the ebbs and flows of life, and many times they are. But the universe might also be calling your attention to something else.

In author Dr. Robert Anthony’s Beyond Positive Thinking, he talks about how clearing the clutter in your environment can invite fresh opportunity into your life.

And while it sounds kind of fluffy, I have experienced this on too numerous an occasion to call it serendipity.

Most recently, I spent some time sweeping the floors, taking out the garbage and recycling, getting rid of old to-do lists, going through my emails, cleaning the dishes, and filing away my mail.

The effect wasn’t immediate, as I’ve often experienced it, but after doing a little outreach, sure enough, new freelancing opportunities started lining up. Miraculously, one of the freelancing contracts that I thought was going to be terminated ended up being renewed!

When nothing is moving, oftentimes, it’s just the universe telling you:

Look, I want to give you new stuff. But right now, you’re holding onto too much. So, I’m going to have to keep these blessings in escrow until you start making room for them.

And understand that “space” doesn’t just mean physical space. It can also mean mental and emotional space. Sometimes, what we’re thinking, and feeling is so dense already, there’s no room for anything else to get in.

So, in addition to things already mentioned, here are some other ways to start clearing space in your world so you can receive fresh blessings:

  • Clean up the desktop and “Downloads” folder on your computer
  • Meditate and surrender
  • Finish errands, to-do items, and projects so they aren’t occupying mind space anymore
  • Get out into nature (two hours per week is recommended for your well-being)
  • Change your environment and leave town for a few days
  • Get a massage
  • Go through your garage and junk drawer and purge, sell, or give away things you no longer need
  • Pay your bills, as falling behind can create unwanted financial blockages
  • Clear the air with a coworker, colleague, significant other, friend, or family member
  • Seek out coaching or counseling

It should be stressed that breakthroughs are often available in communication, so whenever you’re stuck, it’s worth getting into conversation. Bear in mind, though, it’s the opposite of what you’re going to want to do when you’re feeling down, so you might need to push through the discomfort to initiate.

When nothing is moving, look for opportunities to clear the clutter in your environment.

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