The Power of Directed Thinking

The Power of Directed Thinking

All week long, it’s “do, do, do.” There isn’t much room for thinking.

Then, during the weekends, the ratio is flipped. I spend more time thinking than doing.

In your creative and entrepreneurial life, you need both.

You can’t just be doing all the time because that can be exhausting. You can’t just be thinking all the time either because nothing gets done.

The meaningful balance between the two, however, is a deadly combination.

The power of directed thinking is that it leads you to fresh ideas, new solutions, breakthroughs in your career or business.

I’m appreciating the power of directed thinking today because it’s been helping me gain more clarity on what my next steps are.

I value the time I spend walking, driving, and journaling more and more. I need to allow my brain time to connect the dots.

And, once those dots are connected, I need to capture it all before I forget. It prepares me for my next actions and the week ahead.

Also, don’t forget to leave space for nothing. No doing. No thinking.

Meditate. Watch Netflix. Play a video game. Listen to the rain outside. Appreciate everything.

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