Improvise or Come Prepared

Improvise or Come Prepared

I’ve tried both ways.

Improvising does leave space for others to contribute and speculate on what could be created together.

Unfortunately, a lack of direction can also become the bane of your existence. Team members may not know how to help and may not stick around if you do not lay out a clear plan with specific actions to be taken.

To be fair, I’ve still accomplished some cool things while improvising. I launched Elite Players: All Access Pass and raised over $2,000 for Sahakarini. I’m not saying there was no intention behind these projects, but I threw caution to the wind when it came to the details.

Coming prepared is a different feeling.

While showing up with a plan may not leave as much space for others to contribute and speculate on what could be created together…

It makes next actions very clear. Your team members get a better sense of where and how they can contribute. They have a better idea when the project is moving and when it’s not.

And, while I hate to admit it, I have found that team members are also more inspired to take ownership of the project and be in action when there’s clarity. They also stick around.

It may take many tries to figure out how to come prepared, however, so improvising still serves an important purpose, especially while you’re learning how to prepare.

6 Things I Completed Today

6 Things I Completed Today

I’ve shared about creating completion before, but the concept may seem mercurial if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like.

Today, I wanted to share about a few things I’ve completed… today. Why should you care about what I’m up to? You shouldn’t.

Rather, you should look at this post as though you were looking into a mirror to uncover incompletion in your life, and to identify what actions you can take to restore wholeness and integrity in your life.

Here are five things I completed today.

I Contributed to Sahakarini

Which isn’t to say this will be the last time I will be contributing to underprivileged children in South America and related projects.

To be transparent with you, I was experiencing some financial difficulty throughout year one of the two-year leadership program I’m still amid. As result, I wasn’t immediately able to contribute the full amount to Sahakarini I had originally collected.

But I kept track of every cent, making small donations to the cause as I was able, fulfilling on promises I’d originally made in 2021. Finally, today, I’m fully caught up.

This is not to draw attention to my humanitarian efforts. I don’t own a non-profit, and the main way I give back is by raising funds and making donations out of my own pocket (so, buy my products – it’s good for humanity 😉).

But I do value transparency, which is why you can see the full amount my team and I have raised and donated to the cause here.

I Paid a Friend Back

The leadership program I referenced earlier is split up into quarters, and each quarter is full of upheaval, change, and discovery.

Most quarters, I join friends at an Airbnb, preferably at a nearby but desirable destination for a weekend (because the leadership program dedicates one weekend per quarter completing the last and starting the new).

I ended up owing a bit of money to a friend for an extra night’s stay on one such weekend, which I finally paid off today.

Not owing any money sure feels good (all that’s left now is my consolidated debt).

I Created 2 ARTiculate Posts

As I’ve shared before, I am the host of an initiative called ARTiculate with The Indie YYC. Generally, I produce two posts per month around which (provocative) community discussions can take place.

These are often created in the moment, but today, I managed to batch two posts, which I have already scheduled in our content queue.

If you’d like to follow along, then be sure to follow The Indie YYC on Facebook or Instagram.

I Invoiced 2 Clients

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do this. I could have invoiced both at the beginning of the month. But to be fair, 2023 has been quite explosive out of the gate.

I can’t quite say I’m on top of everything now, but it does feel good to get a few things off my plate. Using ClickUp to manage my to-do list helps.

I Completed One Section of the Forthcoming Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook

I’m promising something big with the forthcoming Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook. If you missed my update about it, you can read about it here.

I don’t have a ton of new content to produce for this endeavor, but there is a great deal to do in terms of collating relevant content, reviewing it, editing it, and formatting it for the new book.

Today, I compiled, added, and edited all relevant sections from The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide. One down, not too sure how many more to go, but a good start, nevertheless.

I Completed This Blog Post

Obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading it…

But in case you didn’t know, I am blogging daily again. I expect to be able to transition into podcasting more instead of just writing, but writing is enjoyable to me, and it’s fun to be able to write on topics you (yes, you – not me) care about.

If there’s something you’d like me to cover in a future post, just let me know.

Final Thoughts

I’m aware that there are more loose ends and open loops to complete in my life, and I intend to identify all or as many as possible, bringing completion to each.

I have found organizing my desktop and sending projects to “later” or “never” files very cathartic and much needed besides. I know for certain that email is going to be another great place to look (although I am resisting it) …

What could you complete in 2023 that you’ve been holding onto? What actions do you see to take now? What could be possible for you if you spent time each week completing the past?

Interview on Unstarving Musician

Interview on Unstarving Musician

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Unstarving Musician. Here’s the episode in full:

Thanks again to Robonzo for having me on his show! I really enjoyed this conversation and look forward to catching up with him again soon.

Here’s a nice little comment about the episode on Instagram:

Unstarving Musician podcast comment

If you get something from this episode, don’t forget to share it with your friends. All resource and episode links (additional destinations where you can listen to the episode) can be found below.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

You Can Also Listen to Unstarving Musician Here:

Get 50/50 Charity Raffle Tickets

Get 50/50 Charity Raffle Tickets

50-50 charity raffleWe invite you to participate in the 50/50 Draw!

We are raising $1,100 for a good cause. $550 will go to support an organization called Sahakarini, which supports the education of underprivileged children in South America. The other $550 will go to a randomly selected winner!

Throughout their lifetime, my father and my grandparents supported an organization called Sahakarini. My father died in a motorcycle crash when I was 13, a loss that has had a far-reaching impact on our family. In many ways, we are still grieving. My grandpa passed about 10 years ago of a heart attack. My grandma passed this year of liver cancer.

I asked myself what I could do to cause healing in my family. And the answer became obvious when I took on a yearlong leadership program. I could create a legacy by raising funds for my family’s favorite organization – Sahakarini.

So, we’d be honored to have you participate, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Again, you have the chance to win $550!

Sold Out! 0 Tickets Remaining! Here are the Results…

Our winner was randomly selected on the eve of November 19, 2021. Congratulations to David H and thanks to everyone for participating!

Our November 2021 Donations to Sahakarini

Sahakarini donation for November 2021

Sahakarini donation for November 2021

Our February 2022 Donations to Sahakarini

Sahakarini donation February 2022

Our January 2023 Donations to Sahakarini

Sahakarini Donation January 2023

Sahakarini Donation January 2023

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Over the course of the last two quarters, my team and I have been raising funds for an organization called Sahakarini, which supports the education of underprivileged children in South America (and related projects).

This organization is near and dear to me, because over the course of their lifetimes, my father and my grandparents contributed greatly to the cause.

My father passed away more than 20 years ago in a motorcycle crash, and to this day, it impacts me as well as my family.

My grandpa passed away after multiple heart attacks about 10 years ago. And this year, my grandma expired of liver cancer.

So, I asked myself – what could I do to bring some healing into this family, and create a legacy?

The answer became obvious as I started a yearlong leadership program earlier this year – to give to the same cause my father and grandparents gave to.

So, we’ve been raising funds thorough business revenue, donations, and other creative initiatives.

Our funding goal is within sight, but we don’t have much time left. We are counting on your support to help us get over the finish line.

Please watch the video below for more details.

Update: We are up to $868.97 as of yesterday!

I would like to invite you to donate. The relevant links are below.

*** DONATE NOW: ***
📌 PayPal:
📌 Sahakarini (direct):

*** SHARE OR PURCHASE (50% of proceeds will be donated): ***
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