Going Backwards Sometimes Means Going Forwards

Going Backwards Sometimes Means Going Forwards

The challenge is we often assume things don’t need to fall apart to make way for the things we truly desire.

So, at the outset, it appears as though something bad is happening. When the reality is change is what you asked for. It’s what you wanted. It’s also what’s needed.

Adding resistance to it only makes matters worse. It’s kind of like placing the exact order you wanted with your server, only to wave them down to say, “no, that’s not what I wanted.”

“But you explicitly said it’s what you wanted.”

“Yes, but I don’t like the way things are playing out.”

And then you say it’s taking too long, or it doesn’t look like you thought it would, or the journey towards your order is just too difficult.

Well, what’s a server to do? They cancel your order, further delaying what you originally desired.

And then you start the process all over again, placing an order for what you wanted. Not realizing it was already on its way if you hadn’t interrupted it in the first place.

If we got off of how long it was taking, or how it appeared when it finally showed up, or the journey it would take to get there, and instead focused on the feeling we would have when our order finally arrived, we would receive what we asked for in good time. In perfect time.

The journey there could be bumpy no doubt, but if we just trusted, we’d get there.

I have a friend who recently had to find gainful side employment to sustain her business. What’s miraculous about it is that she has never felt freer or happier. She’s not putting so much pressure on her business to be everything in her life anymore. She’s loosening the reigns. And not only is her job going well, but her business is starting to do even better. She can have fun with her business again (which is the reason she started it in the first place).

See, she didn’t need the job at all. What she needed was the feeling that accompanied the simple act of finding an income source. Because that income source relieved her and her business of undue pressure. And now she sees her goals as being simple. Humble even.

The job helped her arrived at the feeling, however, so it still served a purpose.

What’s interesting about that is that the million dollars probably was never in the hustle. The constant grinding. The stress and the worry. The fixation on getting money. Putting pressure on herself and her business.

The million dollars was in the feeling. The feeling of relief and freedom.

What are you putting undue pressure on?

And how can you move into a better feeling space?

Do you feel a sense of relief when you think about persevering, or when you consider taking a different approach?

Each of us know, deep down, exactly where we want to go. And the “how” is irrelevant since the universe takes care of it.

It’s just that we allow a lot of muck to get in the way of our internal guidance system. That’s why we don’t see clearly all the time.

We place the order. Then we rescind it because we don’t like the wait.

Instead of seeing everything as “all in” or “double down,” simply intend a better feeling space. Because what you create from there is unleashing your inner superhero.

Move towards relief and freedom.

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