#StrategySunday – February 28, 2021

#StrategySunday – February 28, 2021

How was your week?

It’s been another action-packed one for me, and I’ve got more than a few things to tend to as we move into March. It should be another exciting month!

And you can’t slack on the planning when things start to pick up. In many ways, it becomes even more crucial.

Here’s what came out of today’s #StrategySunday planning session.


Here is what I went over during this planning session:

  • I reviewed my content duties for the week.
  • I went over my admin tasks for the week.
  • I reviewed current projects – looming deadlines, as well as those I need to get to work on this week.
  • I reaffirmed which products I’m going to be working on this week (let’s just say I’m working on a book…).
  • I reviewed what I’m looking to accomplish musically
  • As I continue to experience some growth on Twitter, I reviewed how many daily tweets I’d like to use for promotion.
  • I looked at what I’d like to automate this week.


Was there anything that come out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • I’m still learning a great deal about myself. I have expressed some desire to be in the public eye in the past but had no idea how closely it connected to my purpose and desires until I got some feedback from my business coach. Now I know that I’m going to be working towards becoming a public figure.
  • I have found great value in delegating work, but as I continue to take on and finish more projects, I still find myself doing more than I should. Now that I’m present to this tendency, though, I’m prepared to hand over more work.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • I had a call from an agency that grows YouTube channels. I don’t normally pick up these types of calls, but this time something compelled me to. As expected, they pitched me on their services. But the thing that struck me was the fact that they knew about one of my books and pointed out they couldn’t find any information about it on YouTube. That gave me the idea to create a video series for each of my books. Thanks, agency.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me, champ!

If you need more inspiration, refer to yesterday’s weekly digest.

That’s it for this week’s #StrategySunday. Wishing you the best of weeks!

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