Your Programming Runs Deep

Your Programming Runs Deep

Because of conditioning and programming, at times, we end up reverting to old thought patterns, behaviors, and actions that run counter to our intentions.

In sharing some of my discoveries with a friend who’s been struggling with finances (because I knew she would find this helpful), I offered the following:


(This segment of the conversation was used with permission.)

So, our programming runs deep. Neuropathways develop over time, and as we continually bring our attention to them, they become well-worn. Breaking away from old conditioning is difficult if we aren’t aware of this fact.

The good news is we often overestimate the strength of a negative thought in comparison to a positive thought. As applied to manifestation, positive (high vibration) thoughts work more rapidly than negative thoughts do. Which means we can turn around our situations rather quickly.

Although we don’t need to become the thought police (this just adds more resistance to what is unwanted), we do need to become intentional about managing the thoughts we want to take root. As we go about our days, we want to notice even the slightest bit of evidence that the thoughts we want to hold onto are true.

Because when you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things changes.

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