Timely Opportunity

Timely Opportunity

As you know, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with high performers, successful executives, influential coaches, and music entrepreneurs of a variety of persuasions.

Some of these are my friends. We may only speak once or twice per year, but picking up where we left off often feels effortless. I’m grateful for all the connections I’ve built over the years.

Recently, one of my friends launched a new community, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

As you know, I do talk about an array of products (I’m certainly not shy in sharing mine) but only rarely if ever refer you to timely opportunities. It happens once every few years, or not at all.

But what I’m about to share with you is worthy of your attention.

Have you ever noticed how the first movers are often the ones that benefit most from new platforms? It could be Kickstarter, Snapchat, or TikTok. The people who put in the time necessary to figure it out and understand the opportunity are inevitably the ones that squeeze the most juice out of it.

We’re sitting on the cusp of one such ground-floor opportunity again.

What’s unique about it is that it brings together the domains of learning, networking, and affiliate marketing. No one else is doing anything like this right now. And there are AMAZING opportunities for learners, coaches, influencers, affiliate marketers, and hybrids alike!

Now, I can’t tell you whether this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, though, I would assert that it is. Either way, there is an easy way to find out.

Watch This Video Now

Then, get back to me when you’re ready to join.

The Doors That Are Opening

The Doors That Are Opening

The mystery of life is that even when all doors around you seem to be closing, at least one door is opening somewhere.

Identifying this one door may not be easy. It may require making a few phone calls, putting some feelers out there, and researching your options.

But the nos you get are far more telling of where you’re supposed to be than the yeses. We often like to think we have unlimited options when the truth is at any given moment there are probably only a few that represent any kind of opportunity.

As doors close in your face, always remember that closed doors are not rejection. They are merely indicative of choices that won’t serve you right now.

There’s a place where you belong. A place where you’re supposed to be right now. It’s not a punishment. It’s an opportunity to be present.

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

Opportunities will come up now and again. They may even be lucrative.

But will they tear you away from what you’re really out to accomplish in the world?

Sure, short-term sacrifices do need to be made every so often based on the lifestyle you want to create. But it can be very difficult to pivot on a dime.

You may be working with the devil right now. But the devil you know is almost certainly more familiar and comfortable than the next devil you will surely encounter.

(Which isn’t to say the devil you know is always better.)

There are times to let go of whatever it is you’re working on in pursuit of something else. Sometimes, opportunities should be seized.

But you won’t seize every opportunity. You may look back and wonder “what if…” But you probably won’t if you were sure it wasn’t meant for you in the first place.

It’s not an easy decision when you’re in the middle of scaling a mountain, when whatever you’re working on right now isn’t quite delivering on expectations. But being torn away from it may not serve you either.

Opportunities for Expansion

Opportunities for Expansion

What opportunities for expansion have in common is that they’re uncomfortable.

Whether it’s having a conversation with someone you barely know (especially an authority figure), making a request of someone you just met (“hey, let’s go on a date”), or committing to daily action (e.g., working out daily for 90 days), there is always something about the opportunity that will occur to you as a step or two outside your comfort zone.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a nervous wreck for it to be an opportunity for expansion. It’s more so that feeling of “here’s something I rarely or never do.” It’s unfamiliar, and unfamiliar is uncomfortable.

Regardless of the outcome, you learn something. It’s not that you’re better off or worse off after the fact. The conversation you have may not lead to resolution. You may not get the date. You may not reach your goal. But no matter the outcome, you get to discover something new.

Sometimes you will create the outcomes you’re looking to create. But even when you don’t, you may feel a sense of exhilaration and aliveness you haven’t felt in a while.

For instance, if you’re rejected by someone you’ve been pining over for a couple of years, sure it can hurt. But it can also be a relief. And it’s a victory all its own because you worked up the courage to ask someone out.

If you stay in the momentum of courageous actions instead of hiding in a dark room, you’ll find yourself taking a lot more chances relationally, eventually leading to the outcome you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll find someone who says “yes.” And in relationships, the feeling is the outcome sought after, not the individual, though it’s very easy to confuse the two.

So, instead of waking up in the morning dreading the conversations you need to have, or the actions you need to take, or the places you need to go… stop. Remember that they are opportunities for expansion. Remember that opportunities for expansion are uncomfortable.

But regardless of outcome, you’ll feel a sense of relief once you’ve taken the actions you need to take. And if you stay in the momentum of taking necessary actions, even if you don’t get what you want today, you will learn something, and you will get what you want long term.

How to Become a Music Career Opportunity Machine

How to Become a Music Career Opportunity Machine

This post is part of The Renegade Musician Series.

The reason most musicians think opportunities are limited is because they’re all chasing the same ones.

The reason most musicians think opportunities are limited is because they’re all chasing the same ones. Click To Tweet

They’re too lazy to do their own homework, so they look at where everyone else is playing and hope they can get booked in the same venues. When the waiting list is months long, they give up or settle for lesser opportunities (of the dive bar variety).

This doesn’t just apply to gigs. It applies to every area of one’s music career.

Most musicians are small thinkers. They’re too lazy to spend any time laying the groundwork for connecting with influencers, agents, managers, educators, artists, labels, and more.

To add insult to injury, it’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for.

You and I are looking at the same social media. But where I’m seeing opportunity, you’re only seeing hot asses in thongs.

When I was asked to perform at a certain notorious bar in Calgary (notorious because musicians rarely made any money there), I had to stop and think. If I just did everything on their terms, I would walk away with $20 to $50 for a hard night’s work (which I would have to split with my band).

Instead, I stated my terms. We would bring our own opening acts. We would bring our own doorperson (so the bar couldn’t fudge the numbers). We would plan the entire night. And we would convince them that this was all their idea. It worked.

Thanks to the groundwork we laid, the venue was packed out the night of the performance, and everyone in the band (three of us in total), walked away with over $100 each. That was after we paid the opening acts what they were owed. Not a lucrative night, but a worthwhile one.

The venue still managed to mess with us, though, because a birthday party had booked a table that night, and they got a free show. We ended up having to turn away some of our friends and fans at the door because capacity had been reached. We could have been even more profitable if the venue hadn’t found a loophole in our plan.

Either way, do you see what I mean when I say, “manipulating circumstances to your own benefit?”

Opportunities are everywhere. You can book shows in places no one even thinks to (hair salons, yoga studios, libraries, homes, etc. – I have organized shows in some of these locations). You can get a third-party investor involved in a co-write. You can distribute your music exclusively through your paid fan club.

Opportunities are everywhere. Click To Tweet

Why do things the same way everyone else is doing them if you have the clarity of mind to see that most don’t know what they’re doing?

Why do things the same way everyone else is doing them if you have the clarity of mind to see that most don’t know what they’re doing? Click To Tweet

God blessed you with mental faculties. Use them.

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