Nice People Aren’t Fools

Nice People Aren’t Fools

I’m patient. I’m a good listener. So, I will give just about anyone time to say their piece.

But don’t mistake my kindness for naivete. I’ve made every mistake you can name and have learned from those experiences – fraudsters, scammers, liars, cheaters, shills, charlatans, and more. I have no interest in making the same mistakes twice.

I will not give just any business a “try.”

I will not give just anyone an opportunity.

And I will certainly not give money to the desperate, just because they’ve asked, especially if they have time and money enough to hang out on Facebook. I have no idea what the truth of their situation is. Just because they told me they ate popcorn for dinner last night doesn’t make it true.

Take responsibility. You played a part in the circumstances and events you’re now facing. Examine your way of being. If you want to change your life, become the kind of person others want to be around and work with.

I’m not a fool. Don’t mistake me for one. I have high standards for everything I do, and it reflects in how I show up every day. Don’t waste my time. I’m busy living up to my standards for excellence.

I have a positive outlook. But I worked my ass off to cultivate it. It does not mean my bank account is always something to be envied, or that my client accounts are worth getting jealous over. That’s missing the forest for the trees. Look at how I show up and how I create. Look at the level of detail I pore over. Look at how consistent I am. Take something from my way of being if you want my life.