Every Time You Make a Mistake

Every Time You Make a Mistake

Some things are workable. Others are not.

Every time you make a mistake, there’s an opportunity to learn.

And the greater the pain, the more likely you are to internalize and remember the lessons.

If the pain is great enough, there will be no reason to repeat your mistakes. It will have been extensive enough that you won’t even let yourself go back to the status quo.

And that results in innovation – a new way of doing things. Sometimes, it even means cutting things off and never doing them again.

As we live in a world of contrast, it isn’t just normal to make mistakes. It’s crucial that we do.

It’s not always welcome or pleasant. But the pain is a great teacher unlike any other.

Give Up the Need to be Right

Give Up the Need to be Right

One of the biggest mistakes we make as human beings is assuming we’re right and justified in everything we say and do.

There’s a payoff, sure, but there is always an equal or greater impact as well.

And that impact may not be readily apparent, but it’s usually reflected in the quality of our relationship with others.

Fundamentally, no one is right or wrong about anything. This is not about moral relativism, but rather about what it means to be human.

Somehow, we’ve gotten away from the truth that no human is infallible. Truths are rare, and hard to come by, but this one still seems to hold up.

We gain little by being close minded. But when we are open minded, and inquisitive, and allow ourselves to step into the worlds of others, we can see new perspectives and vantage points that end up benefiting us.

Miracles can happen when we drop the need to be right. Conversations and relationships can improve. Personal growth can occur more rapidly. Ideas can flow.

That, in fact, is one of the greatest impacts of having to be right all the time – not just that we’re blind to the impact, but that we’re blind to the new possibilities just waiting to be tapped. Because our greatest breakthroughs always lie in what we don’t know that we don’t know.

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