Bullet-Sized Reflections on Deadlines

Bullet-Sized Reflections on Deadlines

  • My life revolves around deadlines.
  • A deadline is you giving your word to have a task or project completed by a specific date and time.
  • Deadlines put commitments into existence.
  • Without deadlines, I would not be as productive as I am.
  • Deadlines force me to think in terms of how I can complete a task in the time allotted for it.
  • Deadlines are motivating, regardless of how they feel to you – positive or negative.
  • Deadlines create structure.
  • Deadlines encourage innovation.
  • If you dilly-dally with your job or client work, you will never get around to the work that matters to you.


Four to four and a half days per week. That’s it.

People say, “Say it ain’t so, David. Aren’t you a productivity fiend?”

Oh, I’ve had my share of six- to seven-day workweeks. But the first problem is that it takes its toll on your health, even if you’re meditating, sleeping, and eating well.

The second problem is you’re not innovating enough. If you’re lone wolfing it and everything’s on you, you’re missing and even resisting opportunities to delegate, automate, and eliminate.

I like spending time on Monday speculating on who could I give this to? Or who could I hire to handle this? Or what software would make my life easier?

Innovation needs to be a part of your schedule, or it simply won’t happen.

Every Time You Make a Mistake

Every Time You Make a Mistake

Some things are workable. Others are not.

Every time you make a mistake, there’s an opportunity to learn.

And the greater the pain, the more likely you are to internalize and remember the lessons.

If the pain is great enough, there will be no reason to repeat your mistakes. It will have been extensive enough that you won’t even let yourself go back to the status quo.

And that results in innovation – a new way of doing things. Sometimes, it even means cutting things off and never doing them again.

As we live in a world of contrast, it isn’t just normal to make mistakes. It’s crucial that we do.

It’s not always welcome or pleasant. But the pain is a great teacher unlike any other.