Thinking Positively – Day 2

Thinking Positively – Day 2

I wasn’t expecting immediate results from this experiment. You probably weren’t either.

Yet, the productivity benefits of choosing my inputs intentionally have been simply astounding. It has already been giving me hours of my life back.

Not that I need more to do. My health is my top priority right now, but the extra time I’ve gained back can certainly be allocated to relaxing or healthy habits like reading and meditation.

I think the explanation for the productivity benefits could be quite simple. When you aren’t spending hours flipping between Netflix and YouTube, trying to figure out what to watch, and gradually, aimlessly rotting away until you finally fall asleep, you tend to have a lot more time. And when you have more time, you start to fill it with creative activities.

After all, with this experiment, I’m not allowed to watch fluffy entertainment (okay, I admit it – I did watch JonTron’s Halloween special yesterday – but that was really it). I’m limited only to books, podcasts, and videos that inspire, uplift, or inform.

It’s funny what happens when you are left with fewer choices than normal – you tend to get bored faster.

This, combined with the fact that the internet was out for a couple of hours last night turned out to be the perfect cocktail for massive progress.

But what exactly did I get done last night? Try the following:

  • I answered my Instagram DMs. This has never been much of a priority for me. But I had time, so I got through them.
  • I played and sang a few of my songs. I hate to admit it, but I usually only do this when I’m preparing for a show or recording session.
  • I made some progress with a new composition. I’ve been working on this new piece since September, on and off. Last night, I added about eight bars of music to it.
  • I edited half of one of my forthcoming books. Yes, I got through a little over half of it!


  • Maybe I really do have time for my emails after all. Sorry for keeping you waiting!
  • Maybe I really can spend an hour or more working on my books daily. That would help me get several over to the “finished” pile faster.
  • Maybe I really can spend more time working on my music.
  • Maybe I really can plan, organize, and put on an incredible live music and multi-media event in January (which is my current project).