Money is Not Attracted to Desperation

Money is Not Attracted to Desperation

Money moves for its own reasons.

Of the many reasons it prioritizes, desperation is categorically low on the totem pole.

A beggar may receive a few coins from those who feel sorry for him.

A family member or friend may decide to help you in critical circumstances.

But in both situations, there’s a reason money did not move more quickly to the person in need. Rarely does money respond to need alone, especially large sums of money.

Rarely does money respond to need alone, especially large sums of money. Share on X

I asked a friend:

When you’re desperate for money, does it seem to show up more easily or does it seem like there’s no flow at all?

She responded by saying:

When I am desperate for money, I notice more the space of “how long it’s not showing up.” Then I get discouraged, and sometimes I don’t feel like taking the actions to generate money. Generating money for me involves sending out email campaigns and creating offers to clients that already are visiting. The resistance gives me the experience of no flow.

Desperation is resistance. It will give you the experience of no flow.

Desperation is resistance. It will give you the experience of no flow. Share on X

There will be ebbs and flows in life. We will all go through times of lack as well as abundance.

But desperation is a bad bargaining chip and one of the worst scents on anyone.

Desperation is a bad bargaining chip and one of the worst scents on anyone. Share on X

If you fail to win over a client, no problem. There are eight billion people on the planet. It’s never a joyride to miss out on an opportunity, but if you learn from the experience and adapt your approach, there’s a better chance you will land the plane next time.

It isn’t necessarily easy to set aside desperation and think long-term. But whatever you give your attention to expands. So, it is in your best interest to set aside ingrained feelings about your standing in life and instead focus on the actions that will see you thrive. It may not happen a day, a week, or a month from now… but if you stick with the process, your life will transform.

Do Something with Your Hands

Do Something with Your Hands

People do so little with their hands. Nowadays, they swipe their phones and tablets, tap their keyboards, and give their thumbs a workout on game controllers. But that’s about it.

I would encourage you to start doing more with your hands, especially if you want to be more productive.

Me? I love to draw. This is something that has fascinated, intrigued, and kept me captive since the moment I was born, although I’ve taken several extended breaks from it.

Nowadays, I draw almost every day, for about 30 minutes to an hour. Because I’ve been living nomadically, I use my iPad and Apple Pencil to draw, but in an ideal world, I would have a sketchbook.

Drawing gets me into flow. It’s as if everything around me completely disappears, even whatever concerns or worries I might have about the day. I get to focus on what I’m drawing and what I’m drawing alone. It offers a break from the many to-do items I’m faced with daily.

Do something with your hands. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. It will change your life.

The Best Time to do Business

The Best Time to do Business

For me, I’ve found that the best time to do business is when I’ve gone to Starbucks, I’ve sat there reading for an hour – could be a little less, could be a little more – I’ve gotten into flow, and I’m inspired with new ideas. That, for me, is a formula for inspired action.

I can’t necessarily explain why that works for me. I do remember that when I was a kid in Japan, after church, I would go to the bookstore. It was one of my favorite places to go to. And I would stand around looking at magazines and manga. I’d learn about the latest video games, and I’d check out to see if there was a new volume of my favorite manga series.

And in that process, I would phase out everything around me. I’d be so engrossed in what I was discovering and what I was looking at and what I was reading, that the surroundings started to fade into the background.

I’ve been finding that, even in adulthood, the written word can captivate and engross me. And it probably has something to do with the brain making new connections. Because when you learn something new, a new connection is formed.

When I start to see those connections happen, new ideas show up in my space. And because I’m in flow, I start to feel excited about those ideas. And then I get to act on those ideas.

We often think about doing business in a regimented way. We have our schedule, and we have certain time blocks allocated to certain tasks. Now, if that works for you, if that gets you into flow, if that gives you inspired ideas and moves you to inspired action, then what you’re doing is perfect. But if it’s not stimulating inspired action, there might be a better time for you to do business.

So, what is the best time to do business for you? The secret may be hidden in your childhood. What did you get engrossed in? What were you doing when things faded into the background?

And if you can identify what that activity is, could you spend 30 to 90 minutes doing it before you get into action with your business? Because inspired action is going to produce far greater results than actions that are tired or uninspired.

I think you’ll agree that the best time to do business is when you’re in flow and when you’re feeling good, and when the gears are turning in your mind. Begin to find that in your routine because that’s where you’re going to see breakthrough results.

Getting it Dialed in

Getting it Dialed in

Life is flowing. Energy is moving. Blessings are closing in.

I’ve heard entrepreneurs talk about this phenomena before. And now I can recognize it when it shows up.

When everything feels like it’s dialed in, you’re not looking for ways to improve or optimize your routine. You’re looking for ways to stay consistent. Keep up what you’re doing because you know it’s working.

Many things in my life are getting dialed in. Some are in the process of getting dialed in (and they’re almost there – I can feel it!). And all I’m looking to do now is stay consistent.

I can’t say that I’ve never experienced flow like this before. But after years of stagnation, I honestly didn’t expect for it to show up again. I didn’t think it would change. Crazy how the human mind works. Crazy how easily we adapt to our personal hells.

I’m beyond grateful. And whatever crazy thing I’m doing that’s working, whatever is connecting with people, I want to keep doing it.

What Wants to Emerge

What Wants to Emerge

You can go with the flow or fight against it.

Which isn’t to say that one way is right and the other is wrong.

It’s just that one path has the potential for fast progress, while the other is sure to be an uphill battle.

See, the reality is that not everything we undertake needs to be a struggle. It’s just that we aren’t always sure what it might look like to lean into what’s naturally and organically occurring instead of stubbornly insisting on our own ways. When we insist on our way, that’s when we struggle.

I say, “what’s becoming obvious,” but when we’re focused on trying to reach a specific destination we’ve been planning for and envisioning in our minds, going with the flow can seem counter intuitive. It can even look like heading down the wrong road entirely.

The prime example in my life has been Music Entrepreneur HQ. I recently shared how the business has always grown at its own pace, doing what it wants to. It has rarely heeded my commands.

But that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have a future it wants to live into.

If I were to lean into what I see happening with the business, it might mean turning it into a content site. It might mean hiring a writer-editor whose job it would be to create and manage all the content. And I’m beginning to see possibilities for what that might look like.

I have no plans of making any big pivots at this exact moment. I will be spending some time reflecting on my break in June.

But because of the volume of guest post requests I get, what seems obvious is that Music Entrepreneur HQ wants to be a content site.

Similarly, you might be missing the obvious, if only because you want to control outcomes and see things pan out a certain way.

But what if the projects and ideas you’re so heavily invested in are already progressing in a direction you never planned for? And what if what appears to be the wrong path leads exactly where you’ve been trying to get to all along?

What would it look like to go with the flow? In what areas do you find yourself insisting on your way instead of seizing the opportunities available? How are you resisting what wants to emerge?

Can you allow what wants to emerge?

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