Let’s Make a Difference Together

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Over the course of the last two quarters, my team and I have been raising funds for an organization called Sahakarini, which supports the education of underprivileged children in South America (and related projects).

This organization is near and dear to me, because over the course of their lifetimes, my father and my grandparents contributed greatly to the cause.

My father passed away more than 20 years ago in a motorcycle crash, and to this day, it impacts me as well as my family.

My grandpa passed away after multiple heart attacks about 10 years ago. And this year, my grandma expired of liver cancer.

So, I asked myself – what could I do to bring some healing into this family, and create a legacy?

The answer became obvious as I started a yearlong leadership program earlier this year – to give to the same cause my father and grandparents gave to.

So, we’ve been raising funds thorough business revenue, donations, and other creative initiatives.

Our funding goal is within sight, but we don’t have much time left. We are counting on your support to help us get over the finish line.

Please watch the video below for more details.

Update: We are up to $868.97 as of yesterday!

I would like to invite you to donate. The relevant links are below.

*** DONATE NOW: ***
📌 PayPal: https://bit.ly/3wG2qbT
📌 Sahakarini (direct): https://bit.ly/31TXyou

*** SHARE OR PURCHASE (50% of proceeds will be donated): ***
📌 New free training for musicians: https://bit.ly/3BSMVi2
📌 Books for musicians and creatives: https://amzn.to/3CcVtAm
📌 Courses for musicians: https://bit.ly/3F3p2Gg

Raising Funds for the Education of Underprivileged Children

Raising Funds for the Education of Underprivileged Children

As you may know, I’m currently taking a leadership and management program.

As a participant, each quarter, I’m encouraged to take on a personal project. This project, as I understand it, can basically take any form.

In my first quarter, I’ve opted to build my music biz membership while raising funds for the education of underprivileged children. I plan to give 50% of the proceeds to this cause.

I do not have a support statement from the organization I’m supporting, so I will not mention it here, but suffice it to say it’s the same cause my dad and grandparents supported heavily while they were still alive. If you know them, then you will know what organization I’m talking about.

(I’m happy to share more about the cause and organization privately, of course, so feel free to reach out.)

As it stands, I’m still in the process of building the new membership, but today, I have an exciting opportunity to share.

One of my teammates, Grace, is quite the artist, and she is doing custom full-body portraits for $50 per pop (themed portraits cost more). And she’s willing to donate 100% of the proceeds to the cause!

You can find Grace’s Instagram for more examples here.

Here are some samples of her work:Grace's custom portraits

Portraits for a cause

Commission custom portraits

Family custom illustration

So, if you would like to get a portrait done, and are excited to support the education of underprivileged children, please get in touch so we can get your order in.

Thank you!

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