005 – When You’ve Outgrown the Program…

005 – When You’ve Outgrown the Program…

Growth can be a funny thing. People all grow at different rates. Some people spend more time studying and investing in their personal and career growth. Others do not prioritize it. Yet, it is very hard to predict who is going to grow the fastest. There is much to be learned from life experiences AND personal development materials.

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares the story of how he came to see that he may have outgrown the leadership program he was in.


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00:17 – A rare occurrence
01:42 – Business plan and social media presentations
05:09 – Praise for the presentations
06:42 – Outgrowing the program?
10:08 – Tapping into teamwork
11:21 – There’s always more to get
12:03 – When it’s time to move on


I think what we’re talking about today is a relatively rare occurrence – when you’ve outgrown the program.

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve been taking a leadership program, a two-year intensive one. I’m in year two, quarter three, which means I’ve got about a quarter and a half, and I’ll be completing this program.

It’s been great. I’ve had the opportunity to coach in a variety of capacities. When you’re in the second year of the program, you automatically get a certain number of participants to coach each week. And so, I’ve learned so much, I’ve gained so much, and I think the biggest discovery of all is just how much value I can provide for people.

Sometimes the stats are not validating. Sometimes your social media following doesn’t look like you think it should. Sometimes your email list is not as big as you hoped it was. And still, as I’ve said so many times before, just because it looks like you’re killing it doesn’t mean you’re making any money. And just because you look like you’re small-time doesn’t mean you’re not killing it.

Just because it looks like you're killing it doesn't mean you're making any money. And just because you look like you're small-time doesn't mean you're not killing it. Share on X

That is a reality we all need to embrace when we’re looking online because we can easily be fooled and convinced by numbers that, in fact, probably don’t mean a whole lot.

So, today, in this leadership program, I gave a presentation on business plans and social media. Two areas in which I’m very conversant. As you know, I’ve certainly had my peaks and valleys with social media. I’m very much on top of it nowadays, knowing that I think that’s really where the traffic is going more than ever. You have to have a website. You have to have something to capture people’s contact information, to get them on your list so you can continue to market to them and sell to them. That has not changed one bit.

But what has changed is where the eyeballs are. And more than ever, I would say, eyeballs are on social media. And more than ever, there are more platforms than ever.

So, I was happy to give presentations on the business plan side and the social media side because I don’t always get the opportunity. It’s not like I get invites every single day to speak. It happens, but it’s not a daily occurrence.

And I think what I’ve realized about that side of things is I want to create my event. And that’s coming. We’ll talk about that in a future show, I’m sure, as things get going on that end.

But I was like, “I relish the opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned.

And this was kind of spreading through word of mouth. In the case of the business plan, I’d recently put together one for a client, and she was so happy with it, and I was so happy with it, that she ended up sharing it with a lot of people in the leadership program.

And suddenly, before you know it, it’s like, “Well, David Andrew is very knowledgeable on business plans.”

And on the social media side, well, another person in the leadership program was keeping an eye on what I’ve been posting to social media, and she realized right away, like, “Holy cow, you know, what you just posted in the last couple of weeks has me convinced that you know social media better than most people,” which is the case.

So, I’ve put together these presentations and it was a funny situation because we were going to make it sort of an official, like it counts for points. Every week people are supposed to get some training in this leadership program and so at least a block of three hours every week they’re supposed to go and take a training.

Originally, we were going to count this session where I was giving these presentations for a point, and then the people in the program management decided, “No, that’s not going to work.”

And I said, “Look, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll give the presentation, I’ll not give the presentation, but I’m here to add value to people. I can see that there’s a need here.”

We took a bit of a survey and had people raise their hands and say whether they were looking for more information on business plans and social media. And it felt, overwhelmingly, that people wanted this. Probably at least half, if not 60, 70% of participants in the program were raising their hands going, “Yeah, we’d like more on business plans and social media.”

So, it was not a sanctioned official training, and I’m fine with that. I was kind of hoping that’s the direction it would go in, because I’d be able to speak a little bit more freely on these topics, versus being muzzled or being told what I had to say.

So, it became what we call “social” or “fun stuff” on the side event.

But people were there for themselves to get something. So I was determined to deliver value.

And at the end of it, I heard comments, I got lots of questions and comments throughout, but I heard comments like “This was paradigm-shifting,” and I’m like, “Yeah, I know because of the way I talk about social media is not the way most people do.”

Because most people are just saying, “Let’s post. Let’s post a lot and hope for the best.” And pray and hope and pray. And yeah, there is something to that. But you kind of need to have a structure around that or else you’re probably not going to get anywhere with it.

I also heard one of the participants say – she’s in the first year of the program and quarter two – and she was like, “This is the best training I’ve gotten so far in this program.” Even though it’s not an officially sanctioned training, it was the best training she’s received in that program.

And I think finally something clicked for me there. I spent so much time accumulating and acquiring knowledge and learning. And digging deep to find the valuable stuff.

Some of my so-called “friends” didn’t trust me on this, but I’d done my homework, and I knew which people were providing valuable information. Either way, I was determined to stick with what I knew worked, what made a difference for me in my life, and how it helped shift my paradigm. And tweak the results that I was getting for me.

So, I stayed on that track. But I came to that point of realization at that moment that I had kind of outgrown this program.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The leadership program is fantastic. It’s not easy. They don’t pretend like it is. It is very rigorous. And every week, it’s kind of like, you might get a little bit of reprieve on the weekend, but you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I must get started again on this on Monday? Like, really?”

That’s how you start to feel when you’ve committed this far into the program. There’s a lot to discover. Don’t get me wrong, the program holds a mirror to you and the way that you do life. So, you get more out of it to the extent that you continue to do the looking. If you continue, if you’re teachable, if you’re willing to change, there’s always something more you can get out of the program. So, technically there is no way to outgrow the program.

But every program has its shortfalls. I feel like some of the things that didn’t work or don’t work in the program are that it just doesn’t stop. For a full year, you’re just, “Go, go, go.”

Every program has its shortfalls. Share on X

I get it. Some musicians play tours across the world sometimes for years and years on end because of one great album, and I could see how that would be kind of exhausting, but also ridiculously energizing because you’re excited to go on stage to perform each night.

But that’s sort of the difference. Sometimes on a rare occasion, you’re excited to show up for this program, but most of the time you’re not. And it’s taking up 12 to 15 hours of your week, and as I said, if you’re not willing to face what’s in the mirror every single day, it’s not a good program for you to be in at all. Because you’ll find it exhausting. But I think either way at some point you’re going to start to feel like it’s tiring.

So, summarily, what doesn’t work for me is I feel like there’s no break and what I would love to see is… if it’s going to be four-quarters of “Go, go, go,” it sure would be nice to have a week of nothing before every quarter starts.

That would make a big difference, but instead what we get is a weekend session where we’re sitting on our butts pretty much all Friday night, all Saturday, and all Sunday. And then you get to start Monday and you didn’t even get a weekend. Right? You got a couple hours to hang out with friends or whatever, Saturday, and Sunday night, but aside from that, you got nothing. No opportunity to rest up or reset.

And I get it. The program’s kind of designed that way, in a manner of speaking to overwhelm you, to challenge you, to see how much you can take on and expand to take on. And to have you realize that you can’t do everything yourself.

You can't do everything yourself. Share on X

It’s a big part of the program too, to have you realize that you need teams and teamwork in your life, that you need people in your life to make this whole thing work. If you’re up to big things and you have big projects and you want to create things, you need people in your life.

And it’s the same thing with me, right? I can produce a lot. I’ve proven to myself over and over how much I can produce in a year. And if I wanted to, I could release multiple books per year.

The reason why I am not doing it like that right now is so that I can be a little more focused in my approach to publishing, sharing, and creating products.

More of a world tour guy, as opposed to a launch guy, you know?

“Let me launch and sell a whole bunch of books.” And then that comes to an end, and you’ve got to budget out whatever money you made for the rest of the year from that launch or launch again. Which can be exhausting, because you’re putting everything into those.

I much prefer taking a world tour approach, targeting an audience in a specific locale, milking that for what it’s worth, and then moving on to another one. Which we’ve talked about before. This is something bands and artists do very well, and something marketers do very poorly. So, we need to be mindful of the fact that the artist’s approach is better in that regard.

My point is that I can’t technically ever outgrow the program. As long as I’m willing to be teachable, if I’m willing to change, I can always get more out of it. But the value of what I can provide for people is of a different variety. This leadership program focuses on communication and transformation. That’s what you can expect to get out of it. But you’re not necessarily going to get all the other details that are going to make your projects work.

Because in this program, we’re all encouraged. I say encouraged, but it’s sort of an agreement of the program that you take on a new project every quarter as well, which is what I’ve been doing and creating teams and teamwork around it.

Now, it hasn’t happened yet. Because like I said at the outset, I think this is somewhat of a unique situation. If someone came into Elite Players and said, you know, “David, thank you so much. My career is exploding. We’re making millions of sales. We’re touring across the world. Thank you for all your help. I’m ready to move on. I don’t need your program anymore. Here’s 1% royalty.”

Sure, it would be a bittersweet moment, right? To let go of that student and say, “Hey, you made it to the top of where I can take you. And there may be someone else to take you further. But thank you so much for being a part of this and for taking on the coaching and going and doing the things that are going to have you create that kind of success.”

So, even though it would be bittersweet, I’d be like, “You did the work and you’re ready to move on.”

But I think there is something applicable for everyone in this story in the sense that you should look in your life and see where you’ve outgrown certain things.

You’ve outgrown certain projects. You’ve outgrown certain people. You’ve outgrown certain jobs, and you’re not stepping away from them. You’re not letting them go.

So, when will you let go? And when will you embrace the person that you’ve become and allow yourself to be the person that you are? Because you’re more powerful than you were last year if you’ve been consistent in developing yourself.

When will you embrace the person that you've become and allow yourself to be the person that you are? Share on X

That’s the question. What have you outgrown? And what can you let go of, so no boat anchors are holding you down from what you’re supposed to go and do? What you’re meant to create in this world.

302 – How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

302 – How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Do you tend to accumulate a lot of information without ever acting on it? Content junkies do this all the time, sometimes without even realizing it. While studying without applying might be okay in grade school, in adult life, it simply doesn’t work. So, how do you get out of the rut of learning, thinking, and not acting?

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, David shares how you can overcome analysis paralysis.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:17 – Something you’ve been struggling with
  • 00:28 – What is analysis paralysis?
  • 01:18 – Why does analysis paralysis happen?
  • 02:25 – Solutions to analysis paralysis
  • 02:37 – Publishing under a pseudonym
  • 04:02 – Setting deadlines for your tasks and projects
  • 06:06 – Accountability
  • 08:28 – Preparing for a difficult future


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I recently asked some of you, “What are you struggling with when it comes to getting things done?”

And it sounds like what some of you are struggling with is analysis paralysis. So, let’s talk about analysis paralysis.

What is Analysis Paralysis?

Nowadays, because there’s so much information available on Google, books, and courses, on YouTube, and anywhere else you might potentially go.

It becomes so easy to consume, and amass, and accumulate the information without actually doing anything with it.

Now there are a few different variations on analysis paralysis, but that’s usually the main one.

“We’ve got a bunch of options. We don’t know which to pick and we don’t know what to do with them. And when we do finally choose them, we’re not really sure how to execute them.”

So, it becomes this cycle of analyzing and trying to figure out what to do, but because you’re trying to get it right, you get stuck in paralysis.

Why Does Analysis Paralysis Happen?

Basically, for the reason I just mentioned, you’re trying to get it right. In other words, you’re trying to be perfect. You’re trying to get it perfect, one way or another.

So, getting stuck in perfectionism. This is a common trap for creatives. Analysis paralysis is really just some other form of the same thing.

Perfectionism is a common trap for creatives. Share on X

So, we need to look at how we can overcome that practically, so the future actually sees us producing and creating things rather than sitting on ideas or having thoughts of creating something that never ends up being created.

We want to make sure that your output gets out into the world and seen and heard. Even if it’s just a little bit. Hopefully, it gets seen by a lot of people. That is always the most desirable thing, but unfortunately, I don’t think history is on the side of people… like not right now, maybe in the past… but I don’t think history is on the side of the people who aren’t prolific, who aren’t constantly creating, constantly publishing, and shipping and putting new things out there.

History is not on the side of those who aren't prolific producers. Share on X

But you might be scared to do that. And that’s where analysis paralysis comes in. So, let’s talk about solutions. And I think all of these are worthwhile solutions. It’s just that you may not immediately feel like trying some of them, which is why I wanted to present more than just one.

Publishing Under a Pseudonym

The first solution is publishing under a pseudonym.

This is something Derek Sivers talked about quite a bit in the early days, which was if you’re scared of trying to get something perfect and putting it out there and have it be perfect, then why not just invent a pseudonym like “Crunchy Frogs 84” or whatever you want to call it.

And then set up a new channel and just publish fun goofy stuff to it without worrying about trying to get it right or worrying about trying to get it perfect.

We all have things in our lives that really seem to come easy. So, you want to look over there, not the stuff that’s hard. If you’re struggling to move forward in your music career, then look at the stuff that’s easy for you.

Maybe you have a daily workout routine. Amazing. So that is something that’s going well, and maybe you’re not even thinking about it anymore because you’ve been at it for a while, and you’ve been getting results and you’re feeling better and you’re looking better so you’re not even thinking about working out at this point.

Perfect. That’s what we want to do. We want to do the same thing except with our creativity and our music.

Go out, create a new channel, call it something completely ridiculous, and just put out 100 songs. That’s all there is to it. Really.

I know some of you are still scared. So, let’s move on to another solution.

Establishing Deadlines

Another solution that has worked very well for me and has worked well for a lot of people is deadlines.

I’m sure that in your job or freelancing career or whatever it is that you do on the side… Most of you are probably not doing just music. But if you are, congrats, I’m glad to hear it. I want to hear more about what you’re up to there.

But if you have a side job or if you have a job, you have certain deadlines and yes, you may dread them. And yes, you may not really want to do them. But when you have them, you get tend to get it done. Don’t you?  It’s the same thing. We want to create self-enforced deadlines in our lives for the things that we’re up to. That can make such a huge difference.

When you have deadlines, you tend to get it done. Share on X

It’s how my life works. People ask me, “How do you get it all done?” One of the reasons is that I live my life by deadlines. I always have deadlines for just about everything that I’m doing, and it might be tight. It might be grueling. It might even be a little bit of a grind at times, but if I’m making sure to take care of myself, and I’m all right, and my well-being is taken care of I can always meet those deadlines.

But like it or not, I have deadlines for my clients every single week, if not almost every single day. If I don’t keep to those deadlines, sure, I might be able to get away with it once or twice, or maybe extend the deadline, or if I’m in communication, I can figure something out. But otherwise, there would be dire consequences for not having and keeping those deadlines.

And it works the same way in your own creativity. Yet again, this is something that you might try, and it may not work the first time. This is the thing about getting things done in general, is there are all these practices that we can put into place, but without our foundations solidly in check, like our mindset and our psychology and our attitude and what we’re thinking and feeling about life in general, sometimes these things can be hard.

Finding Accountability

And so finally, and this is almost, I would like to say it’s foolproof and it almost is. The almost completely foolproof solution to analysis paralysis is accountability. So, having other people keep you to your word.

The almost completely foolproof solution to analysis paralysis is accountability. Share on X

There is a problem with accountability though. Because I grew up in the church. And I went to church for 30 years straight. And there were accountability things that people would take on from Bible studies or Sunday School. One person would fall off and then the other person would fall off. I observed that a lot, so what I’m recommending in place of that is mastermind groups.

I’ve got one that I’m creating, it’s not ready to go yet, but when that is available, I’ll be sure to let you know. But I have so many other projects on the go right now. That one is probably going to stay on the back burner for now.

The other one that tends to work very well in accountability is coaching and community. When you have that two-pronged approach, a coach, that’s guiding you, supports you, and has you looking at completing one thing per week…

And that’s really the structure we use at Elite Players: “What are you committed to accomplishing this week?” There are a million things you could do, and there’s a ton of content in Elite Players, and we’re looking at ways of streamlining and combining and compiling and all that kind of stuff.

What are you committed to accomplishing this week? Share on X

But the bottom line is there are just so many things you could be doing in your music career, hundreds, or thousands, and at any given time we need to prioritize and look at what is the most important next step that we need to take, right?

So that’s what we’re talking about. When you have a coach, and then when you have a community, a forum of people that are supporting you and are looking at each other going, “Hey, did you get it done? What happened? Did you have a breakthrough? Did you have a breakdown? How did things go?”

When you have that, you tend to stay on track, and I honestly think that’s the most effective solution.

The Recession is Here

Look, I can see the way the economy is going right now and we’re not going to be in a great place here. But I’ve known that for a while. I don’t know if that’s something that you were present to.

So, I think the plan is we’re going to break off, well not break it off, but I think we want to make just the members forum available to the people who want to join the forum and have that accountability.

We’re looking at that possibility here soon but, in the meantime, we’ve still got Elite Players. It’s there for you to join and be a part of so we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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Elite Players: All Access Pass Update – November 5, 2021

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Elite Players: All Access Pass Update – September 24, 2021

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