Thinking Positively – Day 6

Thinking Positively – Day 6

It’s been six days since this experiment began and already people, resources, and tools are showing up to support me on my journey and contribute to my life.

And the best part about it is that no part of it is forced – it’s all happening with ease.

So, here’s what happened today that’s of special significance.

More Time Outside

I expected having to go out to shop for groceries and do my laundry yesterday. I certainly didn’t feel like doing it, but I made the trip and I survived.

Today, I ended up visiting multiple grocery stores with a friend (we always find it more fun to shop together). I didn’t think we’d end up going to so many places!

Fortunately, I was okay driving for the most part. While I am in no rush to come out of the cave, I am starting to feel like I might be able to make the occasional appearance in public again.

Job Offer

I said at the beginning of this journey that there would be unexpected blessings. I knew that would be the case because I am surrendered as I never have been before. I am unattached to outcomes in the best way possible.

Today, I got a text from a friend I had drinks with the other night. He asked me how much I would charge for a 10- to 12-second jingle. After I told him, he asked me whether I’d like to join his company to compose music.

At this time, I don’t know whether it’s a casual part-time sort of thing or a full-time position, but I am interested in learning more, as it could be just the change I’ve been looking for.

Dog Sitting

This will not be my first time dog-sitting but it will be my first time doing it for someone other than my mom or best friend.

I ended up with one of the quietest, most laid-back, smartest golden retrievers I’ve ever met. What a blessing. I don’t think I will be teaching this dog anything – he’s already taught me things about the neighborhood I didn’t know.

Two vigorous walks a day (even on the weekends) means I might skip cardio / lower body days and only do my upper body workout twice per week, especially since I’m still wrapping up my participation in the two-year intensive leadership program.

I had some resistance to clearing out of the Airbnb in Surrey and driving out to stay in a stranger’s home in Vancouver. Not because it’s unfamiliar. More so because I was kind of comfortable in my puddle of existential quandaries at the Airbnb. It became rather familiar. I bet the room I stayed in needs to be cleansed of low-vibe energies now.

But the fact that I’m dog-sitting seems like a setup in the best way possible. Walking him twice a day and taking care of him could be just what I needed to shake off how I’ve been feeling. My overall condition has been improving, but some sadness lingers. I could see it leaving relatively quickly at this rate.