018 – Desperation Doesn’t Pay

018 – Desperation Doesn’t Pay

We can all find ourselves in desperate situations from time to time. But feeling desperate and acting desperate are two separate things. A feeling is something you can resolve within yourself. But acting desperately may do nothing to resolve the situation you’re facing.

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares why desperation tends not to move money and what to do instead.


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00:17 – Desperation doesn’t pay
00:44 – One of the best books on the topic of money
01:21 – The cry of the desperate
02:41 – When asking isn’t enough
03:43 – What David would do if he was in a desperate situation
05:20 – Desperation isn’t what’s standing between you and abundance


So, I was driving home from grocery shopping today and there was a panhandler at the side of the road and there are some thoughts that occur to me. Such as “What’s the mentality of someone who’s in that spot as well as the level of desperation?” And I’m reminded of something that is key to money.

And it may sound simple, but it goes much deeper than you might think. And that’s that desperation doesn’t pay.

One of the best books on the topic of money that will help reprogram your mind, I’ve read many, but one of the best ones if you already have some level of training in money and abundance thinking is Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy.

Now, with a title like that, you might assume it’s about something else entirely, but the entire book is about “Wealth Magnets,” and there are many principles in there, some of which I’ve referenced in past podcast episodes, and I wholeheartedly recommend that book.

But one of the things I realize, I’ve been approached by people before that want to do business with me. They’re looking for anything to do. And that’s not always convenient for someone like me.

Like, yes, there’s always stuff going on in my business, but if I want someone to take over social media, for example. I’ve got to train them and how that’s supposed to happen.

Now, of course, there’s going to be people with a degree of competency and experience and skill in that field already, but most people are still going to require a little bit of like, here’s our brand. Here’s what we want to post. Here’s the frequency. Here’s what should happen. Here’s how we want to distribute our content more broadly.

And without that type of direction, they’re not going to succeed. We simply wouldn’t want to keep them on our staff for no reason, if they’re not going to do a good job, they’re not going to elevate our business.

If they’re not going to help bring in customers, why would we keep them on staff? It doesn’t work like that. The world of business is cold. The way it works is if I’m not making money off you as an employee, I’m not keeping you. That’s just how it is. It doesn’t make sense to hire willy-nilly.

So, this whole idea of “desperation doesn’t pay.” I think many people are sort of in this mindset that, “Oh, the only reason I don’t have what I want is because I haven’t asked for it.”

And yes, there is something to that, right? It is a biblical principle. If you don’t have, ask. It’s because you haven’t asked, and you’ve got to keep asking and asking and asking and knocking on doors until you’re blue in the face.

Yeah, but you think about panhandlers and it’s like you’re asking money from people who are in a variety of situations. Some of them are house poor, some of them are car poor. Some of them might be wealthy and well off but in an economy like this, if you expect that people have thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars saved up in an inflationary economy, I think in most cases you’re mistaken.

And so, the only thing missing from you getting what you want is asking for it? If you’re asking for something for free, that’s just not going to ring true, right?

If it were me, and if I were in a desperate financial situation, here’s what I would do. I would prioritize reaching out to five prospective clients every single day. I would hang my shingle and I would start my business and I’d probably do something like content or web design or graphic design.

Maybe those jobs will soon be extinct and no longer applicable in the modern world because of AI. But for the time being, people are still looking for experts to handle different stuff.

And if that wasn’t the case, then people would be laid off in droves. Which again, that could be coming, but hasn’t happened yet, right?

Anyway, over the course of the year, I would have reached out to well over 600 prospective clients. If I prioritized reaching out five per day.

But you might be wondering, “Why five when you could do 10, you could do 30, you could do 80?”

I’m not coming from desperation. I’m coming from, there’s a lot of people out there that may need my services and the right fit is what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for just anyone. Even if I am desperate, I’m not looking for clients that are going to be nothing but pains in the butt.

If you’re spending all your time hustling and reaching out to 100 or 200 people per day, it’s being seen by the universe, even if it’s not being seen by anybody else. And the universe is perceiving that as desperation unless you’re not coming from an energy of desperation. But if you’re coming from an energy of desperation, the universe is going to sense it and not going to reward you for all that effort.

You’ll make a couple of hundred bucks here and a hundred bucks there. But you’re not going to hit it big. You’re not going to have a good, sustainable business where new clients regularly come in to support it.

It’s the same thing with anybody desperate to make money right now. Right? And this goes for anyone that’s on Facebook or on the streets asking for a handout.

And I’m not criticizing anyone. I hope you understand that. I’m not here to make light of the poor. I’ve done some humanitarian work. I’ve supported some humanitarian work financially, and I intend to continue to do that on a larger scale. So, I’m a big believer in doing right and doing good for humanity, and I’ve given money over the years.

But desperation doesn’t pay. That’s not the thing that’s standing between you and the abundance you’re trying to create. It’s not desperation. Asking For clients or asking for business or asking for opportunities, maybe, but not desperation. Desperation doesn’t pay.

Desperation isn't what's standing between you and the abundance you want to create. Share on X

It moves money a little bit here and there. Sometimes people feel sorry. Sometimes they’re like, “Yeah, you know what? I was in your situation. Here’s 10 bucks.” Sometimes it moves people, but for the most part, your conversion rate is quite bad. If you’re out there trying to get money through desperate means. Stop and think about that.

What sort of energy are you coming from? Are you coming from a place of abundance regardless of what might be happening in your bank account? Or are you coming from a place of desperation because you’re worried about going broke or losing your house or losing your car? It’s sort of the worst time to try to make things happen, even though it might seem like the best. Like some of us need a fire lit under our butt, or we just wait until things get bad, but desperation is only going to move a little bit of money in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to pursue abundance, then know that opportunities are unlimited.

If you believe in abundance, you believe in unlimited opportunities. Share on X
Money is Not Attracted to Desperation

Money is Not Attracted to Desperation

Money moves for its own reasons.

Of the many reasons it prioritizes, desperation is categorically low on the totem pole.

A beggar may receive a few coins from those who feel sorry for him.

A family member or friend may decide to help you in critical circumstances.

But in both situations, there’s a reason money did not move more quickly to the person in need. Rarely does money respond to need alone, especially large sums of money.

Rarely does money respond to need alone, especially large sums of money. Share on X

I asked a friend:

When you’re desperate for money, does it seem to show up more easily or does it seem like there’s no flow at all?

She responded by saying:

When I am desperate for money, I notice more the space of “how long it’s not showing up.” Then I get discouraged, and sometimes I don’t feel like taking the actions to generate money. Generating money for me involves sending out email campaigns and creating offers to clients that already are visiting. The resistance gives me the experience of no flow.

Desperation is resistance. It will give you the experience of no flow.

Desperation is resistance. It will give you the experience of no flow. Share on X

There will be ebbs and flows in life. We will all go through times of lack as well as abundance.

But desperation is a bad bargaining chip and one of the worst scents on anyone.

Desperation is a bad bargaining chip and one of the worst scents on anyone. Share on X

If you fail to win over a client, no problem. There are eight billion people on the planet. It’s never a joyride to miss out on an opportunity, but if you learn from the experience and adapt your approach, there’s a better chance you will land the plane next time.

It isn’t necessarily easy to set aside desperation and think long-term. But whatever you give your attention to expands. So, it is in your best interest to set aside ingrained feelings about your standing in life and instead focus on the actions that will see you thrive. It may not happen a day, a week, or a month from now… but if you stick with the process, your life will transform.