Are You Investing in Yourself & Your Music Career?

Are You Investing in Yourself & Your Music Career?

I remember putting together a video ad promoting a new product and it talked about how I’d spent well over $100,000 on my business, marketing, and personal development education. And someone responded with, “bull crap” (I cleaned that up for you).

If I’m being totally honest – not like I wasn’t before – that number climbs higher each year. I don’t know if I’m at $200,000 yet, because I haven’t sat down and done the math, but every year I buy multiple Kindles, take multiple courses, and pay for coaching. So, it’s not like that figure has ever stayed stationary.

You can call me out on that, that’s fine. Because this isn’t about me. I think the issue is really that artists don’t see themselves investing that amount in their own growth, so they think it’s strange when someone else does.

And yeah, it is a different way of looking at things. But if you hadn’t figured this out already, I’m kind of a different guy. And the thing I know about artists is we’re all a little eccentric. It’s why we do what we do, and at the end of the day, I think it’s beautiful that we’re so expressive with our thoughts and emotions. That’s what makes us great artists.

But so long as there’s a price that’s too high, or a workload that’s too great, or a discomfort threshold we can’t overcome, we can never overcome ourselves, you see. We might still make progress in the world, but at every turn we will still be hindered by ourselves. Because there’s an arbitrary threshold, we’re not willing to cross.

So long as there’s a price that’s too high, or a workload that’s too great, or a discomfort threshold we can’t overcome, we can never overcome ourselves. Share on X

At some point, it’s just too much money, too much work, or too much discomfort. We want to turn and hide.

And the thing you need to understand is that this is what it means to be human. Trust me – everyone has times when they want to run.

One day, we’re walking along as adults, everything is going fine, and suddenly, we’re triggered and revert to little whiny kids. I’ve watched this happen in some of the programs I’ve taken – programs where some of the sharpest, most ambitious people gather.

So, what’s crucial to know is that while it’s not all about some arbitrary monetary figure, if you think any price is too high, you’re going to put a ceiling on your growth and success.

“I’m willing to do that, but I will never do this.”

We can measure money. We can measure workloads in the number of to-do items and projects you’re tackling, although I would still argue this is a little elusive. We can’t measure discomfort at all. It’s just something you feel internally, and no one else can feel exactly what you’re feeling.

The thing I want you to see is that you might be trying to put a quantity to things that no one can really measure. And if you’re in that realm, trust me, you’re not going to go the distance, because at some point, the price will just be too high.

Right now, I’m standing in the outcome that I can invest in courses and programs costing $2,000. Because I am just that excited about what more I can learn and discover, and what I can bring back to you as a nugget of insight.

And while I could probably find those programs as torrent files somewhere, I know I’m not going to value it as much. Because I haven’t invested in it.

We don’t value what we don’t pay for, at least not to the same extent we value what we do pay for.

We don’t value what we don’t pay for, at least not to the same extent we value what we do pay for. Share on X

If you’re getting stuck in your career, or if you’re bargaining with the price, do some looking. Take some time to journal. What are you unwilling to do? Because whatever you are unwilling to do, chances are you will end up having to do it to get to where you want to go.

For a proven, step-by-step framework in cracking the code to independent music career success, and additional in-depth insights into making your passion sustainable and profitable, be sure to pick up my best-selling guide, The Music Entrepreneur Code.

The New Membership is Coming

The New Membership is Coming

It’s official.

My new music biz membership is on its way.

I always had the intention of building it. And slowly, but surely, I was staring to add content to it (launching individual courses and products the public could purchase in the process).

But the leadership and management program I’m taking has solidified and cemented my resolve to get the work done. I have goals and milestones, and I have a team I’m working with to share in the creation of something amazing, while raising funds for a cause I care deeply about.

And I’ve been having a lot of fun as I build out the components piece by piece. Having been a part of multiple memberships, and a reviewer for many, I’ve taken inspiration from a variety of places and have fused them in the creation of my own. In retrospect, I think this was part of my education, and it was essential.

You can’t join the membership yet, and there isn’t a waiting list to speak of (although my email list is the unofficial wait list). But all of this will continue to be in development, and I anticipate that I will be sharing quite a bit more about it as it comes together.

I feel full of life. For once, envisioning my desired future has become easy again. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way, and prior to starting this program, I wasn’t present to the fact that I was so cynical and resigned. I knew I was having trouble envisioning the future I wanted, I just didn’t understand why.

Now I know why.

Dreams aren’t meant to be pursued alone.

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Progress Update: April 19, 2021

Progress Update: April 19, 2021

So, it’s April 19, and as I mentioned in yesterday’s #StrategySunday post, it’s time for a change.

I hate to admit it, but I was growing tired of focusing so heavily on daily publishing. That became the focal point of the first hours of my day, which meant that I wasn’t making progress in the areas that mattered most.

Who’s responsible? Me, of course. Which is why, at the risk of confusing some folks, I’m doing things a little differently now.

I’ve designated Monday as “Music Entrepreneur HQ Day”, where my focus will be exclusively on pushing changes on the website and promoting its resources. I’m setting aside the remaining days of the week for product development, client work, and other content.

What I Learned Today:

As you’re about to see, today ended up being quite productive. I guess that’s the power of batching.

I focused on Music Entrepreneur HQ work (which has built up over time) from 10 AM to 5 PM. I ordered and picked up a pizza for lunch time and maintained my concentration on the task at hand throughout the day (it’s only 10 after 5 as I write this).

And while going through my task list, I even ended up processing most of my email, something that usually gets relegated to “later” and sometimes “never.”

I also signed up as an affiliate for several new services, and it made me present to the fact that there are still many opportunities worth pursuing.

Yep. This is the way to do it.

Just remind me to change my routine again if and when this becomes unworkable…

What I Accomplished Today:

Again, the following only applies to Music Entrepreneur HQ.

  • Sent two podcast episodes to my editor for editing
  • Syndicated recent podcast content to YouTube
  • Made some minor design updates to the website
  • Processed some emails
  • Started preparing guest posts
  • Delegated transcription of recent podcast episode
  • Added transcription to episode 200 of the podcast and scheduled a tweet about it
  • Wrote and scheduled two emails and published one to Medium
  • Started creating a register of tools I use to promote my music inside my LifeSheet
  • Added a new opt-in box on posts
  • Added podcast highlights to episode 229 of the podcast (and this video)
  • Created a new lead magnet
  • Signed up as an affiliate for Fiverr (affiliate link)
  • Signed up as an affiliate for The Indie Bible
  • Signed up as an affiliate for ConvertKit
  • Spent time optimizing the website (made some solid progress here today)

What’s Next for Music Entrepreneur HQ:

These are some of the changes I’m looking to make next week and in the weeks that follow:

  • Find a video editor
  • Make my new lead magnet the main opt-in on Music Entrepreneur HQ
  • Discontinue Leadpages (affiliate link) subscription and move primary lead magnets to Content Marketing Musician
  • Put together a new authority homepage
  • Continue my content audit to completion
  • Reach out to guests I want to be on my podcast
  • Reach out to podcasts I’d like to be a guest on
  • Move all email marketing activity from Mailchimp to ConvertKit
  • Create a resource guide for my latest podcast series
  • Write Life Updates for January, February, and March
  • Add The Music Entrepreneur Code video to the sidebar
  • Cull the recommended tools list
  • Start new autoresponder series
  • Create a Medium publication for musicians

What’s Next for Me:

The universe is nudging me towards personal development again.

I’m taking The Gold Within course for the third time. I’m picking up where I left off with my Landmark Worldwide courses (likely beginning May). And, when time permits (it might not be until next year, but I’m hoping sooner), I’ll be taking Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp.

In terms of business, I’m looking to:

  • Move most if not all my free reports, eBooks, books, and courses over to Content Marketing Musician.
  • Add to The Renegade Musician (I want to add one more PDF to make it a three-pronged offer).
  • Finish my next book, The Music Entrepreneur Mindset.
  • Reposition my books for entrepreneurs and sell them on AppSumo.

Concluding Thoughts

In terms of my new schedule, I’m still “making it up as I go,” but I’m sure the remaining pieces will fall into place.

I will still be writing a few long-form, informative articles for Medium and News Break per week, but aside from that, progress updates will probably be my modus operandi.

I suspect that these progress updates will still be quite instructive though.

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Is Content Marketing Musician Owned by Music Entrepreneur HQ?

Is Content Marketing Musician Owned by Music Entrepreneur HQ?

Yes! Content Marketing Musician is owned by Red Flame / Music Entrepreneur HQ / David Andrew Wiebe.

It’s our new all-in-one platform that hosts our courses and other products. Because it does virtually everything, we are also looking to the possibility of launching our community, live Q&As, and membership on Content Marketing Musician in the future.

Here we’ll answer all the questions you might have about our new platform.

Why is Content Marketing Musician Separate from Music Entrepreneur HQ?

Over the years, we have looked at a variety of platforms and solutions for hosting our course content.

The most logical choice was one that integrated with WordPress, because Music Entrepreneur HQ was built on WordPress.

Unfortunately, we weren’t thrilled with most integrated options, as they often came with a steep learning curve.

Because we regularly engage in online courses, we eventually came across a teacher who uses 10XPro as his platform and we fell in love with it instantly.

Then came the opportunity to test drive 10XPro for two months. We were quick to jump on that opportunity, and we have been with them ever since.

What Platform was Content Marketing Musician Built on?

As noted, we built Content Marketing Musician on 10XPro. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s probably because its founder, John Lint, is Australian (we primarily serve North American customers, though we welcome people from all over the world).

That said, once people realize just how powerful 10XPro is, how easy it is to use, and the customer experience you can create for your members, we think they will be pouncing on it.

ClickFunnels is the closest thing to 10XPro, but having used both, we don’t think they compare.

Is Content Marketing Musician Safe?

You’ve probably noticed that we take orders and accept payments for our coaching, courses, and other products on Content Marketing Musician.

And we can promise you, because it’s been built on 10XPro, it’s about as safe as they come!

First, you’ll notice that we accept credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal, which you should recognize as the most secure and popular payment processors online.

Second, you’ll also notice that it’s an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or https://) website. This technology is used for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used by eCommerce stores and other online sellers.

Third, as with any tool that allows you to collect emails and personal information (e.g., Leadpages, Mailchimp, etc.), all data collected within a 10XPro environment is processed securely.

If you wish to learn more, you can also refer to the 10XPro website.

When Will the Next Course or Product be Launched?

The last product launched was the Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass.

We are also planning for an April 2, 2021 launch, but it’s entirely possible new courses will go up in the meantime.

If you’d like to be notified when a new product is released, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Final Thoughts

We hope all your questions were answered here, but if you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Next?

What Next?

Hey! I wanted to check in and see how things are going for you and your music.

I like to do this occasionally, as it gives me a better sense of what to create and work on next.

Obviously, 2020 has turned out kind of crazy. We live in a different world now. Much has changed due to Coronavirus lockdowns.

Further, 64% of UK musicians are thinking about quitting music. “Thinking” isn’t the same as “doing”, so the results of this remain to be seen.

But as someone who has made their livelihood on writing, curating, and creating tools and resources for musicians for many years now, I would love to know that what I’m creating is of value to you. I want to know that it’s making a difference.

I’m sensitive to your changing needs, and I think my recent publishing efforts even reflects this.

So, in this post, I wanted to ask a simple question:

What would you like me to make next?

I have several items that are at various stages of completion, including books, courses, and other training materials or programs. Some of it is even 95% done.

I can share that the main thing I’m working on right now is supplementing The Music Entrepreneur Code with additional complementary materials. After all, products often create their own problems. So, creating additional resources that solve those problems can make The Music Entrepreneur Code an even better tool for all involved.

But to make this simple, I’ll narrow our options down to four:

  • Yes! I want The Music Entrepreneur Code and all the extras you’re creating around it.
  • I’d rather read your next book – The Music Entrepreneur Identity or The New Music Industry 2.0.
  • Didn’t you have a couple of courses in the works? I want to start consuming those now.
  • I don’t care. I will consume anything you give me to consume.

I’ll embed the Twitter survey below, but don’t feel obligated to answer that way. You can call me, email me, message me, text me, connect with me on social media, or even leave a comment below, okay? Thanks!