3 Content Tropes That Inspire 0 Sense of Connection

3 Content Tropes That Inspire 0 Sense of Connection

Let’s just say that, if you’re planning to create content designed to help you grow your artistic career at any level, there are certain tropes to avoid, because they inspire little to no sense of connection in your audience. And these phrases are so prevalent these days that they have been repeatedly reinforced through the content you watch, without you even knowing it.

Here’s what to look out for…

1. “Hey Guys…”

“Hey guys” and all its permutations like “hey everybody,” “hey everyone,” “what’s up y’all,” inspire zero sense of confidence and connection in others who see themselves as individuals, and not as a nondescript, amorphous collective.

Think of it this way. Your name is not “guys.” My name is not “everyone.” Who are you talking to anyway?

I recognize that some men were blessed with the name Guy, good for them. But even they are not “guys.”

Wonderful that you’ve gone to all the trouble to greet your audience, unfortunate that this type of greeting doesn’t leave people touched, moved, or inspired.

Last year, I heard a speaker who repeatedly used the word “guys” as a filler word in her presentation, and however impactful her speech, it was clear the audience wasn’t lit up by it. She would have done well to observe this bit of media training.

“Because the internet is different” is not a valid excuse.

It’s fine to address a group as “guys”, work the term into everyday conversation, even drop the occasional “guys” in your content. No problem! We just don’t want to make a habit of it.

Talk as though you’re talking to an audience of one. No need for “hey guys” when a simple “hello” or “what’s up” would do.

And watch out, because that “guys” wants to keep cropping up, even when you make this seemingly simple correction in diction. It usually shows up like this:

Hello, and welcome to my channel GUYS…

Get it out of your vocabulary if you can, because if you talk to your audience as though they are a group or a collective, they will rarely if ever connect with you personally.

Treat them as though they are valuable, unique individuals, and you will create a deeper sense of connection with them.

Treat your audience as though they are valuable, unique individuals, and you will create a deeper sense of connection with them. Click To Tweet

2. “Welcome to My Channel…”

This phrase has also so seeped itself into the cultural landscape that people don’t even hear it when it’s being said anymore.

But let’s address the concrete facts here.

When people are watching a video, they are watching a video. They are not watching a channel.

Let’s get this sorted once and for all…

This is a video:

YouTube video

And this is a channel:

YouTube channel

And anything short of that doesn’t constitute a channel.

Not to mention, it is all owned by YouTube (or any other platform you happen to be using), and in no way, shape, or form belongs to you.

Big tech has made it abundantly clear in the last couple of years that anything that goes against mainstream narrative is dangerous (terroristic even), and the anti-human Davos catchphrase “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy” couldn’t be as clear in this situation than in the most blinding of daylights.

You don’t own YouTube (or any other platform). You will never own YouTube. And that is the dark side of living your life as though YouTube will be here forever, using it as your platform, when it’s clearly the furthest thing from. But I’ve already flogged that horse.

“Welcome” is a great thing to say to start off a piece of content. But chop off the end and you’d be hitting a little closer to the bull’s eye, both in terms of the reality of the situation, and better media training overall…

3. “Welcome BACK to My Channel…”

It would seem we’ve made another colossal misstep in the development of humanity, because for some reason we think everyone and their flea-riddled dog is coming back to watch our videos, when it’s far more likely that viewers hearing this phrase are watching your video for the first time. And how confusing do you think this is for them?

“Oh, was I watching another video from this creator a moment ago? I don’t think so. I don’t even recognize them.”

What I learned in my media training is that “welcome back” is never an appropriate thing to say unless you’re returning from a commercial break. Then, it’s fair game to assume whoever just tuned in was watching a commercial or flipping through channels.

But that’s not how we consume video is it? It’s available on demand now. We generally watch from top to bottom (linearly), and barring that, we skip around to the parts we want to watch before clicking on another clickbait thumbnail.

Again, why make things more complicated than they need to be when a simple “hello” would do?

I’m not saying you need to re-establish who you are every single time. People are smart enough to dive into your archives if they want to learn more about you. What I’m saying is “welcome back to my channel” is factually erroneous, AND it doesn’t inspire any sense of connection. Be forewarned.

Structures & Snowballs in Your Music Career

Structures & Snowballs in Your Music Career

I write a new piece of content daily. I schedule it to publish at 1 PM PST on my blog. This content is created deliberately, and with intention. It’s usually a small piece that forms a bigger whole long-term. Not everyone knows that or understands why it matters.

What I’ve just described, though, is a structure. And a structure is something you put in place to ensure your success.

This is not a conversation about content though. It’s a conversation about ensuring that you’re consistent in taking the actions that lead you where you want to go. Structure crates consistency.

For instance, you could have a structure built around songwriting. Every Friday, you sit down to write for an hour at 3 PM. After your session’s over, you share a short clip of the song you’ve written on Instagram. That would be a structure.

And what would it help you achieve over the long haul? Maybe not mass fame or fortune. But it could be a piece of the puzzle that helps your music career. Maybe you’d never run out of songs or song ideas again. And maybe your Instagram following would grow, even if gradually. That would be cool, right?

But the reality is this is how most things work. As much as we desire instant gratification, it’s not available much of the time. So, it’s our habits that help create momentum. You can’t expect your career to blow up just because. It probably won’t.

As for the habit of publishing I mentioned earlier, do you know what that helps me do?

Obviously, publishing a 300- to 800-word blog post daily isn’t going to propel me to superstardom. Plenty of people publish amazing content every single day.

You know what it does do though? It helps me write my next book. And a book is far more valuable than a blog post. Small pieces start form the bigger whole. And it doesn’t need to take a fully year. I could have another book in 90 days.

Setting aside time to write songs daily or weekly can help you create your next album. And if you’re consistent, you could have that done in a shorter period than you might think.

Don’t lose sight of the long-term as you’re facing short-term decisions. A small habit could be the snowball that starts rolling down the hill, gains momentum, and turns into an avalanche of success.

A small habit could be the snowball that starts rolling down the hill, gains momentum, and turns into an avalanche of success. Click To Tweet

For a proven, step-by-step framework in cracking the code to independent music career success, and additional in-depth insights into making your passion sustainable and profitable, be sure to pick up my best-selling guide, The Music Entrepreneur Code.

Abundance Attraction

Abundance Attraction

📌 Hey! I wanted to share about a new project I’m working on right now (as if I my plate wasn’t full enough already… 🤣).

There’s a Medium publication I set up last year called Abundance Attraction.

I created it because I needed a repository for all my personal development and spirituality related posts from last year (I published daily for 365 days, remember?).

The publication has a modest 34 followers, which isn’t half bad considering I didn’t put much of a push behind it (besides the stories I included in the publication).

Well, now I’m looking to grow the publication in a BIG way. And I’ve already been in conversation to do exactly that.

We Are Looking for Writers (& Content Creators) to Join Our Community

Our goal is to have 20 writers / content creators registered in our community by November 19.

We have already set up our Slack, and plan to develop creator structures such that we all benefit from the opportunity.

Speaking of which…

Here’s the Opportunity

So, why would anyone want to join?

Let me ask you something…

How many times have you heard yourself or others say, “if only I had more money I’d be able to X.”

Fill in the blank.

What would it be? Spend more time with friends? Enjoy a night out? Build a bond with your kids?

Whatever the case, this is probably a familiar conversation for most of us.

That’s why I decided to take on this project.

I’ve been a writer on Medium since 2017, and between July 2020 and July 2021, I even used it as my primary publishing channel (growing a following of over 1,400 in the process).

What I realized is this:

Medium represents a great opportunity for building traffic to your website or offers, growing your following or email list, and even earning an income (thanks to their Partner Program).

And while you can get some results going at it as a lone wolf…

After four years of going at it, I’ve realized there’s so much MORE we can do as a collective.

We can:

  • Share all the publication content through official Abundance Attraction social media channels (coming soon)
  • Share each other’s content for more views and income
  • Send traffic to each other’s email lists, websites, and offers
  • Share the latest opportunities (in social media or otherwise) with each other (I’m seeing so many great, new platforms pop up that we could all take advantage of as creators)

What Types of Content Can I Share on Medium?

Medium is a great place for all types of content, whether it’s creative writing, short stories, personal stories, freelancing, business, entrepreneurship, making money online, personal development, travelogs, politics, or otherwise.

Even if you’re not a writer, if you’re a photographer, podcaster, or vlogger, there are opportunities to get your content shared and seen on Medium (they encourage importing any unique stories you have the rights to – meaning you can syndicate content you’ve already created).

Media content could even represent an advantage, because the longer people stay on your stories, the more you get paid (i.e. if you have a 10-minute video and readers view the whole thing, you’re going to be rewarded more handsomely for your efforts).

Sounds Awesome! Can I Join?

If you’re committed to publishing weekly, sharing other people’s content on your socials, and being a champion of the Abundance Attraction publication (the more followers it gets, the more we all benefit), then you are probably a good fit for our community.

If you’re interested, you can send an email to david@dawcast.com. Let’s get into conversation and explore the possibilities together!

What You Can do to Help

Maybe you don’t see yourself joining the community but would still like to support us.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Follow the publication
  • Share the publication
  • Share the stories published on the publication
  • “Hand clap” and comment on the publication’s stories
  • Share this post with people who would be interested in this opportunity

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! We look forward to working with you.

Tomorrow is the Final Day…

Tomorrow is the Final Day…

On July 28, 2021, I made the commitment to publish daily for a full year.

Tomorrow, I will have fulfilled on that promise.

And if I’m being perfectly honest, I published as many as four times on some days. That may not be evident from the archives, but if you go looking across Music Entrepreneur HQ, Music Industry How To, MIDINation, Medium, News Break, and Steemit, you’ll see what I’m referring to.

I seriously considered whether to continue for another year. That’s how rewarding this process has been. But I’ve come to see it’s not in full alignment with what I’m up to creating in the world right now.

First and foremost, it’s time for a bit of a break. Though publishing daily, on average, only takes about an hour per day, in some ways it has basically consumed my attention and mind space.

Aside from that, it’s time to get into action concerning key endeavors – especially the leadership and management program I’m currently taking, musical projects, books, and my new membership (to be added to Content Marketing Musician).

This is all basically just a teaser, though, because I’ll be bringing the full scoop to you tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it!

For more inspiration, be sure to sign up for my email list.

The New Membership is Coming

The New Membership is Coming

It’s official.

My new music biz membership is on its way.

I always had the intention of building it. And slowly, but surely, I was staring to add content to it (launching individual courses and products the public could purchase in the process).

But the leadership and management program I’m taking has solidified and cemented my resolve to get the work done. I have goals and milestones, and I have a team I’m working with to share in the creation of something amazing, while raising funds for a cause I care deeply about.

And I’ve been having a lot of fun as I build out the components piece by piece. Having been a part of multiple memberships, and a reviewer for many, I’ve taken inspiration from a variety of places and have fused them in the creation of my own. In retrospect, I think this was part of my education, and it was essential.

You can’t join the membership yet, and there isn’t a waiting list to speak of (although my email list is the unofficial wait list). But all of this will continue to be in development, and I anticipate that I will be sharing quite a bit more about it as it comes together.

I feel full of life. For once, envisioning my desired future has become easy again. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way, and prior to starting this program, I wasn’t present to the fact that I was so cynical and resigned. I knew I was having trouble envisioning the future I wanted, I just didn’t understand why.

Now I know why.

Dreams aren’t meant to be pursued alone.

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