TT 005 – The Bar is Higher Than Ever – Part 1

TT 005 – The Bar is Higher Than Ever – Part 1

Music by LiVAiL_music from Pixabay

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There are more devices, channels, personalities, companies, and organizations competing for our attention than ever.

And whether it’s blogging, podcasting, or making videos, it’s no longer the Wild West. Now we occupy a world of expectations. And where those expectations go unmet, audiences disengage.

What do we do now that the bar is higher than ever? What does it mean for content creators and artists? How can we continue to get ourselves and our works out into the world? Does our passion still mean something when it doesn’t produce the expected outcomes in terms of audience, independent income, or otherwise?

In this episode of Thought Thursday, I introduce the topic, offer context, and share one of the reasons the bar is elevating higher faster.

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