Get on the Positive Upward Exponential Curve

Get on the Positive Upward Exponential Curve

Nothing is accomplished in a day.

We don’t go to the gym one day and expect to have six-pack abs tomorrow.

Yet, as artists, we still underestimate the value of consistency in achieving our goals.

Successful people track everything they do. So, they’re not deluded about the time, energy, or money they’ve put into anything. They know their numbers through and through. Because they understand one thing – consistency.

And in any area of life, you’re either on a positive upward exponential curve or a negative downward exponential curve. How do you know which you’re on? By looking at your journal, charts, or graphs… whatever you use to keep track of your activity, which plays right into consistency because tracking itself is an action requiring consistency.

That’s the long answer. The short answer is you’re on a negative downward exponential curve by default if you’re not in action.

There are two books you need to read to tattoo this on your mind:

I Evolve – My Projects Evolve

I Evolve – My Projects Evolve

People say they’re looking for consistency.

What they’re really looking for is predictability.

They wish their friends, family, and coaches would show up the same way every single time they encountered them. Because it would make them feel comfortable. Like life isn’t complete random chaos.

“Why rock the boat? Let’s go along to get along.”

These are statements of resignation and constraint, even though they may appear as statements of spiritual surrender.

People should be allowed to change their opinions and stances on matters, especially important ones. They should be allowed to adventure and explore more broadly, returning with new insights and gold nuggets to be enjoyed by all.

People should be allowed to change their opinions and stances on matters, especially important ones. Click To Tweet

If they don’t come to new conclusions through their journeys, fine. But if they do, they shouldn’t be labeled inconsistent or hypocritical. If anything, they are demonstrating consistency in their pursuit of knowledge and in updating their coaching or training to offer their students the best value possible.

I evolve – my projects evolve.

I’m surprised to find so many people have trouble with this.

The Right Action

The Right Action

Depends on the situation.

It seems obvious. Yet it is easily overlooked.

Work ethic, productivity, and consistency are often stressed above all else.

If you have things to get done, your default mode will be to grind it out, power through, and keep going.

But ignoring your relationship, your growing fatigue and exhaustion, or important family events, will have consequences.

The right action is the one that’s in front of you. And it may not have anything to do with your default course of action. It may not be obvious.

It may be time to have a date night, lay on the beach, or go to a wedding.

Choosing the right action is usually the hard part.

I’m Not Talented

I’m Not Talented

I will admit to having somewhat of a natural gifting when it came to the guitar.

But in other areas of life where I’ve created any level of “success,” it was not because I was talented or gifted.

I’ve been dedicated to my success as an entrepreneur for 12 years.

I’ve been reading and implementing personal development materials for 15 years.

I’ve been fascinated by words and the art of writing for 26 years.

I’ve applied myself consistently in each of these areas. If I’m any good at any of it, it’s only because I’ve committed myself to practice.

I’m not talented. That would be amazing. I often wonder what that’s like.

There was a price to pay to get to my humble little hill in a world filled with mountains.

Getting it Dialed in

Getting it Dialed in

Life is flowing. Energy is moving. Blessings are closing in.

I’ve heard entrepreneurs talk about this phenomena before. And now I can recognize it when it shows up.

When everything feels like it’s dialed in, you’re not looking for ways to improve or optimize your routine. You’re looking for ways to stay consistent. Keep up what you’re doing because you know it’s working.

Many things in my life are getting dialed in. Some are in the process of getting dialed in (and they’re almost there – I can feel it!). And all I’m looking to do now is stay consistent.

I can’t say that I’ve never experienced flow like this before. But after years of stagnation, I honestly didn’t expect for it to show up again. I didn’t think it would change. Crazy how the human mind works. Crazy how easily we adapt to our personal hells.

I’m beyond grateful. And whatever crazy thing I’m doing that’s working, whatever is connecting with people, I want to keep doing it.