Update: December 10, 2022

Update: December 10, 2022

What’s happening?

I know you’ve been waiting on bated breath for another update, and guess what? Today’s is just as exciting as yesterday’s (I lie…).

The good news is, between yesterday and today, I’ve completed quite a bit of Music Entrepreneur HQ related work, and that’s what I’ll be focusing on in today’s update.


I’ve created four new audiograms to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

I had yet to share episodes 276, 277, 278, and 279 of The New Music Industry Podcast on these channels, so I used Microsoft’s new Clipchamp to create these.

I think Clipchamp shows quite a bit of promise, especially since until recently, Movie Maker’s only replacement was Video Editor, and it wasn’t anything to write home about.

I don’t like the “freemium” nature of Clipchamp. I think Microsoft owes it to their users to provide an app that’s better than Movie Maker, especially since Video Editor didn’t fill a void. But based on initial impressions I think Clipchamp could be better than iMovie.

The New Music Industry Podcast

I got around to editing two episodes of The New Music Industry Podcast today. I haven’t scheduled them in WordPress yet, but that shouldn’t take too long. This is something I’ll be looking at first thing Monday.

For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel almost on top of things with Music Entrepreneur HQ again (also see next section). But there is much more to do.


I finally caved and created a Notion page to keep track of my Music Entrepreneur HQ related tasks.

Even if I am the go-to guy on the project, I thought it would be worthwhile to create a space where anyone (e.g., a collaborator, virtual assistant, employee, etc.) could see exactly what’s being worked on and how things are progressing on all fronts.

It’s going to take something to track relevant metrics, but I know it’s worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

There’s work that’s draining, and there’s work that’s energizing. This is something that has stuck with me ever since one of my mentors shared it with me. And I’m gradually finding this to be true.

Normally, I would not be determined to finish much work on a Saturday, but despite an early morning with family, I got to work and stayed at work for about six hours. When it’s work that energizes you, it hardly feels like a sacrifice.

Perhaps I’m not done expanding yet.