Weekly Digest: February 20, 2021

Weekly Digest: February 20, 2021

David Andrew Wiebe, February 2021Most things, you will not have dialed in on day one.

It’s a recurring theme, but there is just so much to do as a creative or creator. And you will doubtless end up wearing many hats as you carve out your niche and blaze your own trail.

The challenge is that, while you may gain competency in certain areas, competency doesn’t necessarily equate to expertise.

There are some areas you should not aspire to be more than competent in – bookkeeping, email, scheduling, and other menial tasks. These types of tasks can be largely automated and delegated.

But there are other areas worthy of investment, areas that should demand your attention. Because if you commit to growth in these areas, the rewards will be disproportionately progressive.

I have waxed on about the fact that knowledge costs money and ignorance costs time. It’s a lesson worthy of internalization, especially as applied to what I’m sharing here.

You’ve been digging for a long time. And the gold may only be an inch away. But there’s no way of knowing without digging an inch deeper. And this, as they say, is where most people give up.

That extra inch might require everything you’ve got. You might end up having to invest in a resource that costs more than you think it should.

But the answers you’re looking for could be on the other side of that purchase. And like a missing puzzle piece, the full picture may finally emerge.

So, keep digging.

With that, here’s what I got up to this week:

David Andrew Wiebe

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Here are the posts that went live this week:

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Music Entrepreneur HQ

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Recent Features

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The Indie YYC

The Indie YYC is a creative community dedicated to inspiring local artists in pursuit of independent creativity, independent thought, and independent life.

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News Break

I publish at least once per week on the topic of self-discovery.

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Community Spotlight

Wow! The community has been blowing up on Twitter, and it’s getting harder to choose just one person to spotlight here.

But today I’m going to give a shoutout to @DrJonMusic, because some of his questions have become highly trafficked articles. Thanks man!

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Random Things I Dig

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your creativity and generosity. I’m rooting for you.

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