The Hard Choice

The Hard Choice

On any given day, there’s a choice.

A choice between giving into our feelings, physical state, overwhelm…

Or being our commitment, regardless of what comes up.

The former is easy. The latter takes something.

The former is common and ordinary. The latter is uncommon and extraordinary.

When the unwanted and unexpected does arise, the temptation is to want to escape. But escaping isn’t going to solve anything. The breakdown will still be there when you get back. No matter how well you ignore it or avoid it, the breakdown will keep gnawing at you.

Most breakdowns go unacknowledged and undeclared. And there’s no power in that.

When you have a breakdown, declare a breakdown. That will get you back into power, and you can continue to be your commitment.

Every Possible Breakdown

Every Possible Breakdown

On July 28, 2021, I will have published daily for a full year.

And in some ways, that moment couldn’t come any sooner.

It’s not that it hasn’t been worth it. It’s been fun and fulfilling.

It’s not that I wouldn’t do it again. I can see the benefit in sharing daily, even if it’s not the fast track to fame and fortune. There are benefits that extend well beyond that.

But in the last year, I:

  • Burned out and spent the better part of six months recovering
  • Lost my grandma
  • Lost my other grandma
  • Had to streamline my finances (it’s still a little tight right now)

It has been my experience that, whenever you commit to something significant, there are always challenges that emerge.

Did these things happen because I took on publishing daily for a full year? Perhaps not. Maybe they would have happened anyway.

But the events always seem to coincide with new ventures and commitments.

Even having gone through every possible breakdown, though, I don’t think I would go back and change a thing. Because I know I’m exactly where I need to be right now.

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