Marketing is Not the Hard Part

Marketing is Not the Hard Part

Knowing whether something is worth marketing is, especially for the solopreneur or independent business owner.

When you’ve created a product or service with resonance, it will almost seem to sell itself. Put it in front of your target audience, and they will respond.

When you’ve created a product or service with zero resonance, it will sit on (virtual) shelves mostly untouched. Put it in front of a larger audience, and the chirping of the crickets will be deafening.

Now, there are many shades of grey in between – products with some resonance, products with a little resonance, and so on.

But we’re usually much too quick to turn to tactics before creating something that’s worth marketing.

I have no tactical issues. I know all the platforms and can share my products to hundreds of channels blunt force trauma on zero budget, and maybe even sell a few.

Will it be worth it? Not if it means pulling myself away from what I’m good at so I can spend all my time and energy doing what anyone could do.

You’ve got to know whether you have something worth marketing. That’s the hard part.

Make things that are worth promoting. Then promote them. The appropriate time to discuss tactics is when your product is the strategy.

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How to Make the Switch from You to Them

How to Make the Switch from You to Them

Is your content focused on you, or is it focused on your audience?

When I first got started in business, my content was more focused on my audience than myself.

But as the years went by, I got too fixated on me. I started talking about my goals, my life, what I was learning.

That’s why I’ve made the switch from me to them, and I’m already seeing a difference in engagement.

Is your content focused on you?

Chances are unless you’re a celebrity or public figure, no one cares.

People watch, listen, or read for themselves, not for you.

If you haven’t already, make the switch.

Don’t focus on you anymore. Focus on them.

And watch as your engagement skyrockets.

You’re Only as Good as Your Latest Piece of Content

You’re Only as Good as Your Latest Piece of Content

You did a lot of great work yesterday.

With each new post, your body of work grows. And it represents a great opportunity. If not now, then in six to 12 months, when SEO kicks in. Of course, there’s always the chance that some of the content will do nothing for you.

But the world, unfortunately, doesn’t care that much about what you created yesterday. The archive can continue to benefit you and your audience, sure, but there are no guarantees that whatever reputation or authority you’ve built up will hold up tomorrow based on what you’ve created yesterday.

Even if you’ve got it, and you know you’ve got it, people want to know that you’ve still got it.

A creator needs to keep creating. They need to take their eyes off the stats and instead focus on finding their voice, developing their message, becoming better communicators, understanding human psychology and copywriting, telling better stories, and enhancing their leadership.

Don’t give too much thought to what has already been done. Surrender your thoughts to what’s next.

TT 005 – The Bar is Higher Than Ever – Part 1

TT 005 – The Bar is Higher Than Ever – Part 1

Music by LiVAiL_music from Pixabay

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There are more devices, channels, personalities, companies, and organizations competing for our attention than ever.

And whether it’s blogging, podcasting, or making videos, it’s no longer the Wild West. Now we occupy a world of expectations. And where those expectations go unmet, audiences disengage.

What do we do now that the bar is higher than ever? What does it mean for content creators and artists? How can we continue to get ourselves and our works out into the world? Does our passion still mean something when it doesn’t produce the expected outcomes in terms of audience, independent income, or otherwise?

In this episode of Thought Thursday, I introduce the topic, offer context, and share one of the reasons the bar is elevating higher faster.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Are You on Your Own Path?

Are You on Your Own Path?

“They’re two different songs. Somewhere in between, you took a pitstop. Why the pitstop? You don’t need it.”

I shared two different versions of a song with a friend. One from over 10 years ago. The other I’ve been developing over the course of the last couple of months.

Obviously, a gap of 10 years is substantial. But that’s not really what he was pointing to.

He could feel the raw, visceral energy of the original. Which seemed to be lacking in the latest version, which had obviously been filtered through the opinions of others.

One version offered an authentic experience of the song. The other didn’t.

The rational, logical mind can serve us well in certain situations, especially in situations that require the evaluation of data and analytics.

But what about creativity? What about artistic success?

If your creativity is filtered through others, sure, it might find a bigger audience, but is that artistic success?

If you give yourself without holding back, that is an artistic success all its own. It’s a true, authentic reflection of your personal expression. Others be damned.

No, one is not wrong and the other right. You can apply the thoughts and opinions of others to your creativity. But don’t expect it to have the energy of the original.