How Are You Going to Get There?

How Are You Going to Get There?

“I just want to do what I’m good at and have a team handle everything else for me,” said every creative and entrepreneur ever.

The only problem? That’s not a pathway.

If it’s not a pathway, it’s not a goal, and if it’s not a goal, it’s just an aspiration.

See, everything is a process.

Unless you discard the couch to big screen dream, you will always assume that you can have whatever you want at the snap of a finger. You will more easily buy into scams, or worse, shills and charlatans.

Unless you discard the couch to big screen dream, you will always assume that you can have whatever you want at the snap of a finger. Share on X

If you buy into a scam, there’s the chance you will learn your lesson faster.

But if you buy into shills and charlatans, you may be strung along by their $12.95 book, $97 home study course, $997 conference, $1,997 coaching program, and on and on, for years, and even decades. The only thing on the other side of that is a rude awakening.

There are few things as common as a person who adopts a good attitude and godlike work ethic with nothing to show for it besides the fact that they’re a year older than they were last year.

This isn’t to say you can’t have what you want. But what is the pathway?

It’s impractical to think you can hire a marketing team today and have them up to snuff on everything they need to do by tonight. There’s a process to that. Not to mention – you’ll have a team to train and manage by the time you get there! “I’ll just hire a manager” is on par with the shortsighted thinking that got you there in the first place.

You’re a capable person. So, don’t be too quick to write off things you don’t want to do as being too good for you. Because those are likely the things you need to do to get your partner, marketing team, financial freedom, or whatever else it is you think you want. I get that what you need to do may not be in your genius zone, but there is a price to pay to get to the point where you can shine exclusively in your genius zone. Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

The microwave “work hard for six months and if you don’t have it by then you’re doing something wrong, overweight, and ugly” crowd are categorically wrong. Look at my post on blogging daily for a year and this reality will start to sink in (and understand that I have made a living from writing content since 2012).

There are factors too numerous to consider, including the vehicle you plan to use to get where you want to go. But if you’re not seeing everything you need to do to get to your goal, you don’t have a pathway yet. You just have a wish.

It’s what you do with that wish that’s going to separate you from the people who say they want a team and those who have one. It’s what’s going to separate you from those who wish for things, as if they were a child, and those who do something about it, like a responsible, self-determined adult.

Tapping into the Power of Front Row Mentality

Tapping into the Power of Front Row Mentality

What’s the best way to show up in everything you do? How can you demonstrate enthusiasm in all you take on?

In this video, David shares about the value of adopting a front row mentality in music, life, and everything. He explains how it works, and how to apply it.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:00 – The difference between tactics and mindset
  • 00:57 – Excitement and anticipation
  • 01:22 – What’s special about being in the front row?
  • 01:48 – The added responsibility of being in the front row
  • 02:17 – Carrying the mentality into our music careers
  • 04:00 – The illusion of time
  • 04:58 – Don’t count on your fans
  • 05:40 – Closing thoughts


Hey, it’s David Andrew Wiebe with Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Today I wanted to riff on front row mentality.

At the outset, I wanted to share that this is not a message to receive with your head. Meaning it’s not tactical, it’s not idealistic, it’s not perfectionism. It’s a message to receive with your heart. Mentality is a mindset, and a mindset is an attitude. It’s a way of being we want to carry into everything we do.

Where I got in trouble, and where you can also get into trouble, is when you think of this as head knowledge, as being tactical, something to try to apply and live up to and be perfect about every single time.

So, when it comes to mindset and mentality teachings – and there are teachers out there who teach it without knowing it is mindset and try to turn it into information – mindset is not information. It’s a message to receive with your heart and it’s a way of being.

You’ve probably had that experience. You were excited about an event or a concert and you were sitting on your computer minutes or maybe even hours before tickets first went on sale. And the moment they went on sale, you hit “click” and entered your payment details. And you went ahead and bought the ticket.

That’s front row mentality. Regardless of whether you got a front row ticket, your mentality was front row. You wanted to be in the front row.

What’s special about being in the front row? You get to be up and close with your heroes or the people you want to see.

It’s not always the best vantage point. In some concerts or theaters, it is. Or in some venues.

It’s about being there and showing your face to your hero and being able to see them up close that is so appealing.

So, when you are in the front row, you have kind of an added responsibility. If you’re texting, if you’re looking at your phone, if you’re distracted, if you’re talking to your neighbors, it’s obvious to the presenter or speaker or whoever is on stage, that you are not paying attention.

Front row mentality is also waiting on bated breath for what’s coming next, and paying attention, and being present in the moment.

And that’s the mentality that we want to carry into our music careers. We don’t want to lose excitement or passion for the thing we’re working on right now.

And I know it’s so easy to do, especially when you’re recording new music. It’s kind of like, “I’ve been working on this forever, I just want to put it out there.”

And by the time it’s out, you don’t know if it’s any good, you don’t know if you like it. And that kills some serious momentum in your marketing and promo efforts.

All around, it doesn’t do you any good for you or your career, to not carry that passion into the marketing side as well.

And you should be just as weird in your marketing as you are in your music. You should carry over that personality into your marketing and try weird things and do guerrilla marketing. Because that’s how you’re going to stand out. You’re not going to stand out doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

So, when your album is released, you should have a front row mentality about your music. The moment it goes live, you should be the first to stream it, you should be the first to buy it on iTunes, you should be the first to share it on social media, you should be the first to share it in your email, you should be the first to get it out to everyone you can possibly get it out to, and text it, and send it in messages. Do everything you can.

That’s front row mentality. We want to take that into the excitement of sharing about our craft. Not just making our craft. Making our craft is great, and it’s fun, but as I’ve just proven, you find that it’s not fun when it’s gone on for too long. Whatever that means. That’s not even something we can fully define. So, you should never lose your passion.

Today is a new day, and tomorrow will be another new day. And every moment is new. So, we’re moving into a new moment right now. And you may have forgotten the previous moment, but the new moment is here. You see what I mean? Every moment is new.

You’re not stuck in the same situation. This is a new moment and you’re already new. Your whole body’s new. Every part of you is new.

So, it’s not about time. Time is an illusion. We can’t define it. We try our hardest to define it and to measure it, but in many ways, it’s impossible. So, if you are in this moment, then this moment is new, and the next moment is new, and there is no time.

You want to be front row with your music. That’s the enthusiasm. That’s the intensity we want to bring into everything.

Again, as I said, it’s not tactical. It’s an attitude. It’s a way of being. That way of being is what we want to carry into everything we do.

We don’t want to count on our fans to do that for us either. Because our fans may not display the same level of excitement, passion, or intensity.

Some of them might. You may have some superfans. And some people might hear your music and go, “holy cow this is incredible!”

But it must start with you. Because your fans are in the front row looking at you trying to figure out what you’re thinking. And how you’re going to respond. And how you’re going to get them fired up.

If you’re fired up, they’re going to be fired up. But if you’re like:

“Hey guys. New release. Just came out yesterday. Yup. Hope you like it.”

Then what reason do they have to be excited?

So, that’s front row mentality. Try to carry that into everything you do and see how it changes. Show up early, stay late, shake hands, say “hi” to everyone, answer everyone’s questions, share excitedly and passionately about what you do.

Show up. Always show up. Keep your promises. Keep your commitments. That’s what front row mentality is all about.

So, I hope you enjoyed this, and if you’re watching this on YouTube, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe. We’ve got plenty more great content like this.

060 – Go With The Flow

060 – Go With The Flow

No matter how well you plan, things can fall through the cracks. Sometimes, they will go horribly askew. It happens to everyone.

So, it’s not about trying to dodge difficult situations. It’s about how you respond to them.

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, you’ll learn about the importance of going with the flow.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:14 – Hi, I’m David Andrew Wiebe
  • 00:20 – Going with the flow
  • 00:38 – You can’t control the results
  • 00:57 – How to be flexible when performing with other bands


Hi! I’m David Andrew Wiebe with The Music Entrepreneur. Today, I’m sitting in The Brass Monkey in Calgary. The quick message that I want to share with you today is to go with the flow. It’s inevitable that things are going to come up in a music career. The unexpected may occur and you are going to have to deal with the situation and deal with it as necessary.

For example, tonight I actually have no idea how many people are going to show up. I did a lot of promotion. I put up some stuff on YouTube. I even bought some Facebook Ads. It’s all over social media, but the results aren’t up to me. That’s where going with the flow can really make a big difference in your attitude.

The results aren't up to you. Share on X

Same thing with if you’re playing with multiple bands on the same night. Sometimes you may be asked to cut your set down to shorter amount of time. If you go with the flow, you’ll be remembered as somebody that is flexible and able to cope and deal with the situation as necessary. But if you whine about it and complain about it, you may not be invited back.

So, that’s the quick message that I wanted to share with you today. Go with the flow.

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